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How to Downgrade your LearnWorlds Account

In this article, we will dive into the downgrade process of your LearnWorlds plan.

If you want to find out more about LearnWorlds Pricing and Plansclick here.

Downgrade your LearnWorlds Plan

To downgrade your LearnWorlds plans, you need to:

1. Hover the three dots under My Account and click on Account & Billing, in case you see the plan screen, make sure to click on the back icon and then click on Subscriptions or Overview. You can change your plan either from the Overview tab or from the Subscription tab.

2. Click on Change Plan.

3. Click the Downgrade button under the desired plan.

After selecting the downgrade option, you will be prompted to specify the reason for the change before proceeding to click on Downgrade my plan.

A list of unsupported features on the new plan will be displayed for your information. You will be required to remove any extra features that exceed the limit of your new plan. Check all the available features per plan, in our respective article.

- Once you click on the Downgrade button, the system will schedule a downgrade at the end of the billing cycle of your plan.
- If any add-ons, such as a mobile app or scale package, are currently activated and you choose to downgrade to a plan that does not support them, these will also be scheduled for cancelation but based on their own billing cycle

Downgrading Examples/Scenarios

  • If you are currently subscribed to the Pro plan and you utilize three popups but want to switch to the Starter plan, you will need to remove one of your three popups, as the Starter plan permits a maximum of only two popups.
  • Assuming that you are currently subscribed to the Pro Trainer plan along with a mobile app add-on, your school's subscription is set to renew on January 25th, while the mobile app's will renew on March 25th. In case you decide to downgrade your plan on January 23rd, the change will be implemented for the school subscription on January 25th. However, the mobile app will continue to function until its billing cycle ends on March 25th.

Revoke the Downgrading

After you downgrade and until the billing cycle is over, you will see the Revoke downgrade option, where you can cancel the downgrade action. 

Once the "extra" features are deleted, they cannot be restored. For instance, if the system prompts you to remove a site flavor to complete the downgrade process, and you choose to upgrade at a later time or revoke the action, that particular site flavor will no longer be available.

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