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How to Downgrade your LearnWorlds Account

To downgrade your LearnWorlds plans you need to:

1. Navigate to My account → Account & Billing.

2. You can change your plan either from the Overview tab or from the Subscription tab.

3. Click on the Change Plan or Upgrade plan

4. Click on Downgrade of the desired plan.

  • At the moment of the downgrade, the plan is changed immediately to the plan you have selected and a new invoice is being issued to depict the change.
  • When downgrading, the difference between the previously paid invoice will be saved as Credits and will be used for the next invoices.
  • Before you finalize the downgrade/ upgrade action you will be sent to the checkout page again so you can check the new charge or the available credits. 
  • While downgrading some features might be lost depending on the plan you choose. Here you can check all the available features per plan.

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