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How to Integrate Calendly with your LearnWorlds school

Calendly is a meeting scheduling tool that allows your users to reserve slots in your calendar according to their schedule and availability. 

By enabling the integration of Calendly within your LearnWorlds school, you will be able to set up 1:1 session learning activities and Group sessions. Your students will be able to book their sessions with you or your instructor, in a convenient slot according to both their schedule and your availability, without leaving LearnWorlds, directly from within your courses.

In this article, we will learn how to integrate Calendly with your LearnWorlds school.

How to Connect your Calendly Account

Create or log in to your Calendly Account and create your Calendly event type(s). 

You can integrate any live session tool (like Zoom or Webex) with Calendly directly if you wish to automatically create a live session after a user schedules an event via your Calendly Calendar. 

In all of our available LearnWorlds plans, you can connect one Calendly Account, whereas in the Learning Center plan or higher, you can add multiple Calendly accounts.

1. Go to Settings  Integrations Live Sessions and click on Activate to enable the Calendly integration.

2. Choose whether you wish to Enable Instructors to connect their own Calendly accounts (available in our Learning Center plans or higher).

3. Click on Connect account.

4. You will be redirected to Calendly to connect your account.

Once your Calendly account is connected with your online school, you can associate it with one or more of your school's instructors (Learning Center plan or higher).

You can use and connect your school with any of the Calendly available plans, but we recommend using Calendly’s Standard or Higher plans; however, your flexibility on the features offered will depend on the selected plan. 

You can find more information on Calendly plans and restrictions here.

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade the Calendly account, you have also connected with your LearnWorlds school, then; once you do so in Calendly, you should disconnect and connect it again in the Calendly integration section of the LearnWorlds platform (with no effect on the already created learning activities/attendees). 

How to Connect Multiple Calendly Accounts

In the Learning Center or higher plans, we also provide the option to connect multiple Calendly accounts. Follow the previous steps and connect additional Calendly accounts. 

How to Assign Instructors to Calendly Accounts

An instructor is also able to connect a Calendly account and create 1:1 session learning activities via the instructor dashboard (available on Learning Center plans or higher) if the admin has enabled the Instructor accounts field on the Live session page.

How to Uninstall Calendly

If you want to disconnect your Calendly account from LearnWorlds, navigate to your Live Sessions page and click on Disconnect on the desired Calendly account. 


  • We recommend using Calendly’s Standard or Higher plans to cancel or reschedule sessions and synchronize that data with your LearnWorlds school. Free trial accounts will not synchronize this data.
  • You can make the event type secret within your Calendly account. This means that the specific event type will be hidden from the main scheduling page of the Calendly account. You can utilize this Calendly feature to allow only the users who have purchased the respective course from within their school to access this scheduling event type (instead of having it publicly available).
  • When you set up an event in Calendly, you can choose to display a button to schedule another event or to redirect users to an external site upon confirmation. This will allow users to book as many slots as they want with no limit from inside a learning activity, so it is recommended that this feature will not be utilized.
  • Our Calendly integration supports only 1:1 sessions and group sessions.

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