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How to Edit the Pricing of your Courses

Once you've completed creating your course content, the next crucial step is determining its price and making it accessible for purchase. This article provides detailed guidance on setting the pricing for your courses.

To set up your course pricing:


1. Navigate to Course Manager and find the course you wish to set up the price. 

2. In the course's Access tab, select the Type of the course to ensure that it requires purchasing (users can only unlock the course after they successfully purchase it).

After you set the status of your course as Paid the below radio button appears to notify you to set the price. You may click on it to get directed to the Pricing tab.

You can also navigate to the Pricing tab and set the price for your course. 

Set up Discount

You can set up a discounted price along with the original one. Both price options (original & discounted) will be displayed upon purchase but only the discounted one will apply during purchasing. 

Extended Payment/Enroll Button

In case you have created multiple payment methods for a course (installments, bundle, subscription), you can choose to show all of them under the enroll button. You need to enable the Show extended menu with all payment options for the course option, and the enroll button will be adjusted.

Even though a course is set as Paid, LearnWorlds gives you fine-grained control over the course sections, allowing you to mark some sections as Free and lock other sections, for attracting students. You may check this article for further information on how you can control the status of each course's section individually.  In such a situation, caution is advised. If you designate a course as paid and set a price, any sections marked as "free" will still grant access to students without payment. Therefore, before or immediately after transitioning a course to a paid model, ensure that the access permissions for all sections are appropriately adjusted.

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