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How to Create and Use Tags

Tags serve as a convenient and simple method for user management, allowing you to create and assign tags to categorize your users effectively. It proves particularly beneficial for corporate training, allowing the segmentation of users into distinct customer groups or teams within an organization.

In this article, we will explore various methods of adding tags and discuss effective ways to utilize them.

How to Add Tags

Below you will find all the ways you can add tags to your users. 

Add tags to a specific User

This method is ideal for adding tags to specific users and not for mass tagging.

1. Go to Users, select All users and click on the user’s username.

2. Click on the See all tags link, choose one of the existing tags, or type a new one (when you type a new tag, don’t forget to press Enter to create it).

Use an Excel file (Mass tagging)

This method is ideal for mass tagging your users.

1. Go to Users, select All users, and click on the Tag users option under Bulk actions.

2. You can upload an Excel file with the users’ emails and the tags you want to create (a sample Excel file is provided in your school).

3. If you choose the “Overwrite tags” option, the existing tags will be removed from the specific users, and the new tags will be added.

Update existing tags

1. Upload an Excel file with the users’ emails (you can also use the sample Excel file and leave the tags column blank).

2. Click on the See all tags link.

3. Select the tags you want to add to the learners included in the Excel file.

4. Click on the Add tags button.

5. If you choose the “Overwrite tags” option, the existing tags will be removed from the specific users, and the new tags will be added.

Add tags via your User Segments

1. Go to Report Center and select the Report Center My Segments New Segment.

2. Apply your search filters.

3. Click on Add tags.

4. Choose one of the existing tags or type a new one (when you type a new tag, don’t forget to press Update tags to (number of users users to create it).

Add tags via custom Sign-up fields

When you create a custom field in your sign-up form, you can select to add the user input as a tag. This option is available if you choose Dropdown or Radio buttons as the custom field type.

The tag is created in the following format: Data Key_sign up field tittle_user choice.

Add tags via the Tag Manager

You can create tags on the Tag Manager page. To do that so, you need to navigate to Users Tags Add tag.

Add tags via the Payment Sections

You can add tags to users via your Payment sections on your How to Customize your School's Payment Page and via 1-click sales funnels.

Add tags via the Marketing Forms

You can also tag your users with a specific tag after they complete a survey/marketing form. This is available under the "After submission" on the authoring mode of the surveys. You can find more information here.

You can also add tags to the "Multiple choice" and "Rating" types of questions in the forms.

Add tags via the Qualification Form

You have the option to add tags to users who submit the Qualification Form.

Add tags via the NPS Form

You have the option to add tags to your users who submit the NPS form within the NPS data collection period.

Add tags via the Assessment Builder

With the assessment builder, you can tag users based on their responses, after they submit an assessment and after they pass an assessment

You can find more information on adding such questions to your Assessments and utilize the tags here.

Add tags with User Automations

With User Automations, you can add tags as an Action (Then) when a specific trigger (When) occurs in specific conditions (If only).

Add tags via your Seat offer/ User Group

While creating your Seat offer or a new User Group, you will see the Advanced settings. There you can choose to assign tags to users when they are added to the seat offer or to the user group.

Seat offer: Check how to create a seat offering in this article.

User Group: Check how to create and manage user groups in this article.

Feel free to edit both seat offerings and user groups after they've been created, and then add the tags as needed.

How to Use Tags

User tags can be used:

a. In Report Center: This way, you can filter, sort your results, and, of course, export the relevant data from the User Progress menu.

b. In Sections and widgets visibility: With tags, you can choose sections or specific widgets which will be visible only to users with the respective tag. 

1. Click on the section or element you want to modify.

2. Click on the Actions tab.

3. Select the preferred tags to add to the Visibility option.

c. In Popups' visibility: With tags, you can choose to display specific popups, to users with the respective tag.

d. Site Navigation: Offer the option of different after-login pages in the Site navigation, based on the user tags.

e. User Automations: Automate user tasks, based on assigned tags. 

Tag Manager

If you want to manage your tags on our platform, you can do so by navigating to the Tags page. To get there, you need from your admin's dashboard to click on Users  Tags. Once you are on the Tag Manager page, you will be able to create, rename, delete, merge tags, etc. When you create a tag, you can also view important information such as when the tag was created and by whom, the number of users classified under this tag, the number of platform elements that use this tag, and the available tag actions. If you want to learn more about managing your tags on our platform, check out our relevant article here

- Once a tag is removed from every user that is assigned, it will be removed from All Users and your website builder. However, it will not be removed from Reports Center since it is crucial for the best management of your school analytics.
- There is no limitation on the number of tags you can create.

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