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How to Manually Enroll a User in a Subscription Plan in LearnWorlds

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Typically, users will sign up for your subscription plan on your LearnWorlds school. However, there might be instances where you want to enroll a user manually without any charge. It's crucial to remember that to enable subscriptions on your LearnWorlds platform, you must integrate the Stripe payment gateway.

In this article, we will go through the process of manually enrolling a user in a subscription plan in LearnWorlds. 

1. Go to Users All users.

2. Locate the user you wish to manually enroll in a subscription plan, and click on Enroll to Product.

3. In the Enroll user to product menu that will appear, choose the subscription you wish to manually enroll your users in.

When you select the subscription you may also set the duration that the user is enrolled in the subscription plan, change the price, and add an enrollment justification note

4. Click on Enroll user.


  • This manual subscription enrollment within your LearnWorlds school does not reflect on Stripe and it does not involve any payment. You give out-of-charge access to the subscription hence we recommend setting the price as 0 (to avoid confusing your user). 
  • To manually enroll a user in a subscription, ensuring they enter Stripe's subscription "trial" mode and subsequently receive notifications to input their credit card details for future billing cycles, you must utilize Stripe's platform. You can find more information on the process, in this article: How to Manually Add Users to a Subscription Plan through Stripe.
  • There is no Bulk option to enroll users massively to a subscription plan.
  • Users are not able to subscribe to more than one subscription plan hence an admin cannot manually subscribe a user to more than one subscription within LearnWorlds.
  • In case you want to unenroll users from a subscription plan you can either do it manually per user or use the bulk unenroll option.

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