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How to Duplicate/Clone a Course

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The option of efficiently managing and repurposing course content is a game-changer. In LearnWorlds you can duplicate an already-created course effortlessly and even choose to sync the course and course layout page between schools within the same Organization or within the same school, providing a convenient way to reuse and repurpose your valuable content.

In this article, we will explore the process of cloning/duplicating courses in LearnWorlds across a school or importing (duplicating) courses between schools. From the basics of duplication to the advanced possibilities of syncing courses within a school or across multiple LearnWorlds schools under the same Organization, we will guide you through the process.

Clone/Duplicate a Course Across a School

To clone a course across a LearnWorlds school:

1. Navigate to Courses → Course manager.

2. Hover over the course you wish to duplicate and click on Clone course. 

3. Provide a title and a friendly URL for your new course.

4. Define if the new course will keep in sync with the source course. You can choose to also sync the course and course layout page. 

You can anytime change the Course URL as described here.


  • Make sure to use a unique URL and do not use the same one as the original one. After the duplication, the new course will be in Draft mode, so you can navigate to the course's Access tab and change its status as you wish. 
  • If the original course has enabled the drip-feed option, you need to set it again for the cloned course.
  • The newly cloned course will not have any users enrolled in it.
  • All of the videos uploaded to the original course's video library will also be cloned. 
  • In case of a large course duplication, the process completes asynchronously while you can keep working on your school. In this case, the following notification appears.

Import (Clone) a Course between Multiple LearnWorlds schools

To import/clone courses from one school to another, log in to the destination school. From your admin dashboard:

1. Navigate to Courses → Course Manager → Import Course.

2. Select the originating school and the specific courses you wish to import. You can select multiple courses with the “Custom list…” option.

3. Choose whether the selected courses will remain in sync with the source courses, and choose to sync course contents and course layout page.

4. Click on Import.

  • When you clone/duplicate a course between schools, any assessment variables added will not work in the cloned course. You will need to add the variables again.

Features per plan

FeatureStarterPro trainerLearning Center or higher
Clone/duplicate a course within a school
In school syncingwith a $149 addon/month✔️
Cross-school import (courses, pages, sections, activities)with a $149 addon/month
with a $149 addon/month
Cross-school synced import

with a $149 addon/month
with a $149 addon/month

If you are interested in purchasing the additional addon (it can be purchased monthly or yearly), navigate to My account → Account & Billing and choose the add-on under the Available Add ons.

  • Cross-school import is available for up to five schools, between Learning Center schools or between Pro trainer schools that have purchased the add-on.
  • Cross-school syncing is available for up to five schools, between schools that have purchased the addon (Pro trainer plan or higher). 

Should you wish to extend this add-on to additional schools, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for guidance on expanding usage.

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