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How to Setup your School for Selling Subscriptions Only

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In your school, you can sell your courses individually with one-off payments, or via subscriptions. If you want to sell your courses via subscriptions only (and not with one-off payments), you can set it up in your financial settings. 

1. Navigate to Settings Financial → Payment Gateway.

2. Connect your Stripe account.

3. Enable the Subscriptions only school setting. A notification message will appear at the bottom right corner.

4. Hit Save.


  • Subscriptions are supported only via Stripe in your LearnWorlds school, hence you cannot have multiple payment gateways with a subscription-only school.
  • The automatic enrollment buttons on the individual Course Layout Pages will be dynamically converted to the "Subscribe" action and will include a drop-down menu with all the available subscriptions in which the course is included. 

  • If you have Free courses, users can register for them individually, as they are free and accessible to any user.
  • You can also utilize our Subscription Sections to promote your Subscription-only school on your Sales Page. For more information click here.
  • For more information on how to create a Membership site click here
  • If you plan to sell only subscriptions, courses still need exemplary pricing while creating them. Alternatively, they cannot be added to a subscription plan while their price is still 0. This will not affect in any way the final pricing, which will be available via the Subscription payment page.

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