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How to Cancel a Subscription Plan in Stripe

The most straightforward method for canceling a user's subscription plan is to remove them from the product in Learnworlds, as explained in this article. However, you can also cancel a user's subscription plan from within Stripe. 

Cancel the user's subscription in Stripe

To cancel a plan via Stripe, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Billing Tab in your Stripe Dashboard.

2. Click on Subscriptions.

3. Navigate to your user, hover on the three dots, and click Cancel Subscription

On the emerging popup, you can either:

a. Cancel the subscription Immediately.

b. Cancel the subscription when the current billing cycle ends. 

c. Cancel on a custom date.

You can offer a refund if needed.

The subscription is canceled email from LearnWorlds will be sent on the date and time that the cancellation event is triggered.

Cancel the user's subscription and Create a new subscription in Stripe

The cancellation of the user subscription through Stripe, followed by the creation of a new subscription within Stripe instead of LearnWorlds, results in the new subscription plan not being linked with the previous/canceled plan, thus LearnWorlds is not informed about the new user subscription. In this case, this process can result in cases where end users have paid in Stripe but are unable to view or access their courses in LearnWorlds.

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