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How to Presell your Courses/Bundles with LearnWorlds

In this article, you will find information on how to presell your courses/bundles, meaning users can enroll before the official course release date and get a nice introduction to the course while waiting for the full content to be published.

Presell your Course

1.  Create a new course  for your first pre-selling course.

2. We recommend using a keyword in your course title, such as "Presell" so your users are aware that this is not yet the full version of the course. Choose the course URL and upload a course card image, etc.

3. It is important to choose the needed access type of your course. Choose the Paid option so your users can start purchasing the Paid course. 

4. You can enable the Offer a discount option and set a discounted price for the users who will buy the course during the pre-sell period.

5. You can also describe your course and let your audience know that pre-enrolling will get them a discount.

Prepare your Course

Regarding the content of your course, it is recommended uploading an introductory video so your users will be informed about the course, its release date, etc. 

When preparing your course material for a pre-sell course, you can set the Sections to Draft mode. We suggest that you set the first section to Free so that every user can see an Introduction to your course while waiting to gain access to the full course.

Presell a Bundle

1. Go to Marketing → Bundles.

2. Follow the steps on How to Create a Course Bundle.

3. Include the Paid courses with the Draft sections you prepared in the bundle. Once you change the courses from Draft to Paid, users will be able to purchase the bundle, see only the available section(s), and get full access to the courses' sections.

4. Set the Bundle as public so it is ready for purchase. 

  • In case you want to set a drip-feed for your course as well, setting the first section to Free prevents students from seeing an error 404 on their end when visiting the course player (as courses with all sections set to both drip and Draft cause the course player to display a 404 error message).
  • It's not feasible to presell subscriptions without activating the default billing interval. Instead, what you can do is add trial days and enable under Settings ➡ Payment Gateway ➡ Stripe the following setting: Students should be required to add a credit card before starting a trial

Launch your Course

When the time comes to launch the course, change its sections from Draft to Paid and change the course description and price to the full price (by turning off the discount option). 

The users that are already enrolled in the course during the pre-sell period will now have full access to all the sections of the course and new users will have to pay the full price to access your course.

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