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How to Choose a Template for your Academy’s Website

You can begin constructing your LearnWorlds website immediately with professionally crafted, stunning, and readily available site templates.

It's like having your personal designer at your service, given that all our templates are mobile-responsive and meticulously polished to enhance various types of content.

What is a Website Template?

While creating your LearnWorlds trial account you can choose your template from a variety of professionally-designed, beautiful, and ready-to-go site templates from LearnWorlds. A website template or otherwise Site Flavor is a predefined set of style and layout options and it serves as a starting point for your academy’s website creation in LearnWorlds. 

You can find over 50 professionally-made templates to meet your business needs based on your industry type. Templates are there to be changed as little or as much as you want: Open the template in the Theme Explorer and play with the design and layout until it fits with what you want. When you’re done editing, click on Activate to share your creation with the world.

Site Flavors allow an administrator to safely create an alternative version of a school’s site in just a few clicks. This is a fantastic feature for those who would like to make short-term changes to their site, without compromising the site’s original design. 

Keep in mind:

  • You can have several different designs created at the same time on the Site Flavors page, but only one site template can be activated: that's the live site flavor that visitors to your site will actually see.
  • Each of your created site flavors has its own design and customizations: changes made to one will not automatically affect the others. That means you can use one site design for your live site while working on a major revamp in one of your secondary templates; once the new site is ready, you can publish it all at once.
  • The number of site designs you can create via Site Flavors depends on your selected LearnWorlds plan. While in the trial period you can create up to three Site flavors/templates, whereas, in the Starter and Pro trainer plan, you can have only one site design. For the Learning Center plan or higher, you can create multiple Site Flavors

Exploring Website Templates

You can take a look at all the available site templates by navigating to Website → Design→  Manage Site flavors

There, you will be able to see and edit your currently activated theme, as well as any others you have created, while the Create a Site Flavor option allows you to explore new designs.

From Health & Fitness industries to Coaching, NGOs to Customer Education, or Art & Design and more professional styles, our templates will spice up your academy’s flavor and turn more visitors into learners.

Which website template (Site Flavor) to choose?

All the templates are organized into industry categories for easy browsing: Art & Design, Coaching, Customer Education, NGOs, Professional, Fitness, Healthcare, Medical, and Financial. 



  • Start by looking through the menu to find the category that best describes your business or the website you want to create. Whether you run a nonprofit organization or a coaching business, you can find templates in each category already set up with popular design trends, content, and tools that are in line with your industry.
  • Don’t feel limited by the template name or category. You can also choose a template by finding a design that you like. Since every template is fully customizable, you can adjust it to match your brand when building your pages, via the unlimited possibilities of the LearnWorlds Site Builder which allows you to customize your school with amazing page sections and widgets for your pages.

Creating a Site Flavor/Template

To create a new site flavor/template, follow the instructions in this article.

Note: Creating a Site Flavor (and editing it in the Site Builder) is not the same thing as activating/publishing it, and creating a new Site Flavor will not automatically remove your existing Site Flavor!

When you choose a Site Flavor, you can make it your own by customizing the Theme Explorer and by uploading images, videos, and more.

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