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How to Organize your Courses by Categories

In LearnWorlds, categories are organizational tools that allow you to group your courses based on specific themes, subjects, or other criteria. They help both administrators and learners manage and navigate the course offerings more efficiently.

Categories help you organize your courses into logical groups, making it easier to manage your offerings and aiding in navigation. For learners, categories simplify the process of finding relevant courses. Instead of scrolling through a long list of courses, they can quickly locate what they need by browsing through categories. By providing a structured layout, categories enhance the overall user experience, making your online school more user-friendly and professional.

 You can assign categories to your courses via the: 

  • Categories manager: The categories manager includes a list of all existing categories. You can modify or remove them as needed, and utilize the search bar to locate specific categories. Furthermore, you can generate new categories and assign courses to them.
  • Course settings: While editing a course, you can visit the General tab under Course Settings to assign the course to a category. You can choose from existing categories or create a new one.

In this article, we outline the process of adding categories to the school's courses and how students can utilize these categories to filter and navigate through the available courses.

Adding categories via the Categories Manager

To assign a specific category to a course through the categories manager: 

1. Navigate to Courses  Course Manager Categories Manager.

2. Click Add new category.

3. Enter the Category name and select the courses you want to include. At the bottom of the drop-down menu, there is also an option to choose a custom list.

To modify an existing category, hover over the three dots and select Edit to make changes such as removing or adding courses. This setting allows you to save valuable time by making quick and easy changes without having to visit each course individually. You'll also find a Search filter available for conveniently locating a category.

Adding categories via Course Settings

You can also assign or remove a category from a course while editing the course's settings.

1. Go to the course's General tab.

2. Find the Course Categories field and enter a category from your existing ones or create a new one. Click to save your changes.

Remove/Delete a category

To remove a category from a course, you can either delete it from within the course's categories section or directly from the categories manager. Once the category is removed from all assigned courses, it will be completely deleted.

To delete a category from the categories manager, hover over the three dots of the desired category and choose Delete. You can also select multiple categories and delete them simultaneously.

Catalog configuration

While editing your pages, you can also include a course catalogue section under the Products category.

You can select which courses will be included. Additionally, you can customize the initial catalog view, restricting users from browsing only through the courses you've chosen.

Course section configuration notes:

  • When you add a course catalog widget on your pages you can decide which courses appear as the default view when users access the catalog. If a course selected for the initial catalog view is not part of the included courses you've chosen, it will not appear in the catalog.
  • If desired, you have the option to display (and include) courses from a specific category in your course section. In addition, you can choose to showcase your courses based on a specific category in your initial catalog view.
  • If you decide not to showcase your courses' categories in the course section on your pages, go to the Filters field on the sideform while editing your course cards in your Products Courses section, and enable/disable the By Category filter.
  • If you add categories to non-public courses (e.g., Coming Soon, Private, Draft), the categories will not appear under their respective categories in the course catalog sections on pages.

User Experience

Once you add a course section to any page of your school, the categories will appear under the categories drop-down menu for your learners.

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