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Site Navigation: How to Manage the Non-Paying Users & Payment Flow

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This article provides detailed insights into managing the Site navigation settings, controlling school access for non-paying users (those who have registered but haven't purchased any paid courses yet), and even overseeing their payment process.

1. Click on Website → Navigation.

2. Or Website → Design →  Edit School Site, and at the top, choose Site → Site Navigation.

Home Page (Before Log-in page)

In LearnWorlds, the Home page is the page the logged-out users or the users who haven't yet created an account for your school see when they visit your school. With this setting, you can either keep the default Home page or select another page of your school to be your school's Home page.

Start Page (After log-in page)

In LearnWorlds, the Start page (/start) is the first page a user sees after they create an account in your school and they logged in to their account.  You can:

  • Keep the default Start Page.
  • Determine whether a course description page or another page will become the Start page of your school. 
  • Have different after-login pages for your users based on the user tags, user groups, or seat offerings. You can find out more here.

Payment Flow

The Payment Flow settings give you a chance to:

1. Let logged-out users be redirected to the payment page when clicking to buy a product. The payment page will be accessible to non-registered users. You can bypass the sign-in/up process and use the 1-click-sales funnel functionality, where users register/login and complete the purchase in one step. You can find more information on our Payment page and 1-click sales funnel articles.

2. Force logged-out users to sign up / log in before proceeding to the payment page to buy a product. School registration (sign-up) and sign-in will be required before purchasing a product via the Sign in/up Form.

Lock Non-paying Users

The Lock non-paying users setting gives you a chance to specify whether the users of your school who have made no purchases so far will be able to navigate freely to your school pages or not. 

1. Choose Non-paying users can navigate through your school's pages, apps, and free course content, and allow users who haven't purchased any course yet to navigate through your school's pages, apps, and free content. 

2. Select Non-paying users will be redirected to the following page once they login and choose through the drop-down menu where will the non-paying users be redirected once they log in. This way, these users will not have access to your school's pages, but they will be "locked" to navigate only to the page of your choice that will lure them into buying one of your products (e.g., courses page or product page).

-Non-paying are the users who registered for Free courses or have purchased no courses at all. If you manually enroll a user to a private course, for example, with 0 prices, this user will not be considered as non-paying. 

-It is not recommended to enable the Non-paying users will be redirected to the following page once they login setting if you offer free coursesthat you wish to be accessible to everyone (paying & non-paying users) because your non-paying users will be locked and won't have access to them or other pages of your school.

-Locking non-paying users applies to pages that are not public, so you are preventing users from visiting pages that are not public to everyone (like the Start Page). So it doesn't apply to "external" pages that are publicly accessible by logged-out users as well.

Log out URL

You can add a URL where you wish to direct your users after they log out of their accounts.

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