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How to Use Referral and Affiliate Networks with Refersion

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There are countless ways for your school to grow. You can either advertise it on popular social media services, set up a newsletter to update your users regularly, or use a referral management software like Refersion. In case you don't know what referral marketing is, it's when someone recommends your brand to a colleague, friend, or family member. They are motivated by a strong relationship between the referrer and the final customer and come with some kind of reward (usually for both parties involved).

Go to and click on the 14-day free trial button.

How to Connect Refersion with your LearnWorlds School

1. When creating your account, select Refersion API. 

If you already have an account, navigate to Account → Settings → Refersion API.

2. During the account creation, make sure to add the right subdomain for your school (

3. Fill in your credit card details or if you already have an account, activate a subscription plan.

4. Then you must copy your personal API keys, and paste them directly into your school (steps 9-10).

If you already have an account, navigate to Account → Settings → Refersion API.

5. Customize your site branding by filling in a Brand Name and uploading a Logo.

6. Adjust your shop's settings by adding your school's URL and the necessary information under the General tab.

7. Under the Calculation Logic tab, adjust your affiliate's commission offer according to your preferences.

And create your offer:

8. You can also select the colors of your public registration page.

9. Once you have your Refersion account ready, go to your school's Settings → Integrations → Affiliates in your LearnWorlds school and activate Refersion.

10. Paste the Public and Secret Key and click on Save.

If you would like to share a direct link to your course to help your affiliates further, you will have to make sure that you make a slight change. A Learnworlds' Course URL, including your Refersion ID looks like this:

As you can see, there are two question marks in the URL. To ensure that the above URL will work as expected, change the second question mark to the following character '&'. The URL should look like this:

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