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Schools Content Syncing Add-on

LearnWorlds offers powerful Clone & Sync capabilities designed to enhance efficiency in managing educational content. These features allow users to import course contents and pages within or across schools, providing the flexibility to tailor offerings to specific audience needs. 

Additionally, the syncing capabilities enable seamless content updates across courses and website pages. These tools aim to streamline content management, providing educators with a shortcut to maximum efficiency in today's dynamic educational landscape.

You can find more on how to Import and Sync courses, sections, and learning activities within or across schools, in this article. You can also learn more about importing and syncing school pages, here. 

In this article, we will explore the features per plan specifically offered for Importing/Cloning and Syncing material across a LearnWorlds school or Multiple LearnWorlds schools under the same organization. We will also learn how to purchase the Schools Content Syncing add-on to clone and sync in school or across schools, depending on your LearnWorlds plan. 

Features per plan

FeatureStarterPro trainerLearning CenterHigh Volume
In school cloning✔️✔️✔️✔️
In school syncing$149 addon/month
Cross-school cloning✔️✔️
Cross-school sync$149 addon/month $149 addon/month

Cross-school syncing is available for up to five schools within an organization, provided that one of the schools within the organization has purchased the corresponding add-on (Pro trainer plan or higher). If you wish to extend this add-on to additional schools, contact us at for guidance on expanding usage.

Purchase the Schools Content Syncing Add-on

If you are interested in purchasing the Schools Content Syncing addon, navigate to My account Account & Billing and choose the Schools Content Syncing addon, or contact our support team for more information at 

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