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How to Set up your Custom Domain (CNAME Record) in GoDaddy

If you are using GoDaddy as your domain hosting provider, then you need to follow the next steps to configure your domain settings.

Add a CNAME Record

1. Sign in to GoDaddy and navigate to My products  Domains → DNS.

2. Click on Add New Record.

3. In Type, select CNAME from the drop-down menu.

4. As Name is considered the part of your domain that appears before the naked domain. For example, if your naked domain is and you want to create the subdomain, the Name should be set to www. In case you want to use another subdomain, e.g., you have to add academy instead of www in Name.

5. Insert your LearnWorlds URL in Value (e.g. or or

6. Click on Save.

In case you want to add multiple records at once you can click on Add More Records and once you are ready you click on Save All Records

  • Make sure to replace with your LearnWorlds school URL. 
  • Do not include the https:// before your LearnWorlds URL or the / after.

Check if the CNAME record is successfully added

1. Go to Google Admin Toolbox.

2. Insert your subdomain free of https:// or / at the end (e.g.

3. If the CNAME record is correct, the LearnWorlds URL will appear in Target.

Request the domain's change in your school settings

1. Navigate to Site builder → Site Settings → Domain.

2. Type the subdomain.

3. Click on Change Domain.

4. A pop-up message will appear confirming that your domain will be ready within the next 5 minutes.


  • If you already have a CNAME DNS record with www as Name, you can click on the pencil button to edit the existing entry and insert your school URL. However, if the entry currently points to another live website, this change will affect the site and it will not be reachable anymore.
  • Once the new domain is ready, you and your users should use only this custom domain and not the LearnWorlds one you have been using until that moment. 
  • An SSL Certificate is issued for your custom domain so the whole site will be encrypted/secure. This greatly influences your school's ranking in Google's Search Engine.
  • You can change the primary domain to a different custom domain, as long as the records remain correct.

  • You cannot delete the default LearnWorlds URL.

If you want to also use your naked domain, click here to check the steps.

You can find more useful information about custom domains here.

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