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How to Create a Course

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Crafting a course within LearnWorlds is a straightforward journey. With just a few simple steps, you can create, organize, and personalize your course content to achieve the desired outcome for your academy. LearnWorlds simplifies the process of creating, hosting, and promoting your courses.

This guide will take you through the journey of creating and configuring your courses in LearnWorlds, starting right from the beginning.

Create a Course

There are multiple ways to create a new course in LearnWorlds:

  1. From the main admin dashboard, jump to the Course creation wizard by clicking on Create course.
  2. Navigate to Courses → Course Manager and click on Create course.

You will be guided to the Course Creation Wizard, a user-friendly tool that simplifies the course creation process in just a few steps for any of the aforementioned choices. 

Course Creation Wizard

To set up your course, follow these steps in the Course Creation Wizard:

1. Add the name of the course, a description, and a cover image.

2. Set up the course public URL.

3. Choose the Course access.

4. Set the price. You can also choose to offer your course at a reduced rate to entice potential users (only if you choose a paid course).

5. Pick a page template.

Following that,  you have the option to decide if you wish to start building the course content from scratch, import and sync existing content, or utilize our AI assistant to create your course outline

You can find more information on creating courses and our supported learning activities, in our respective article

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