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How to Enable Biometric Authentication for your Mobile App Users

You can now configure your mobile app to allow your learners to log into the app on iOS or Android devices using face recognition or fingerprint, depending on what biometric options are available and configured on their device. Using biometrics to authenticate mobile users can help simplify the login process and make it easier for your learners to log back into the app when their session expires.

We recommend turning this feature on when you’re using the “Disable multiple sessions” setting or “Force logout” setting to provide an easy way for your users to get back to your app.

Biometric authentication cannot be used when logging in via SSO or social login. It can only be used as an alternative to logging in with a Learnworlds username and password.

Configuring Biometric Authentication for your users

The biometric authentication feature must be enabled through the admin dashboard in order for your learners to be able to use biometric authentication to log in to your mobile app.

Navigate to Mobile App → App Settings → Sign in/Sign up menu to toggle the feature on or off.

Setting up Fingerprint and Face ID as a User

In order to use biometric authentication, learners must enable touch ID or face ID through their device settings. If the user has not enabled biometric authentication on their device, they will be redirected to their device settings to enable fingerprint or facial recognition ID before using them to log into your app.

For iOS users, the availability of each biometric option (Face ID vs. Touch ID) depends on the device.  

For Android users, devices running Android 10 and above may allow users to set up biometric authentication for face or fingerprint identification. The availability of face recognition in the device’s biometric settings will depend on the specific device. Devices running Android 9 and below only allow fingerprint IDs.

  • Once fingerprint or face ID is set up in device settings, the user can allow your mobile app to enable biometric authentication.
  • After clicking enable, a biometric authentication setting will be enabled in the app settings.
  • After setting up biometric authentication, the learner can select a new option on the login screen to sign in using fingerprint or face ID. They can always turn this setting off from their app settings.

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