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How to Use the Typing Effect on Headings and Main Text Widgets

Catch your visitors' attention by displaying text as if you were texting them at that moment. A simple yet highly captivating widget that will draw your visitors' attention.

To add the Typing effect:

1. Go to Website→ Design → Edit Website.

2. Select the page you want to edit from the Pages Manager.

3. Click on the + icon/Add Widget within a section.

4. Select a Heading or Main text widget and choose the Typing effect (both options offer the Typing Effect).

Once the Typing effect is added, you can start editing by clicking on it. You can set type and back speed, start delay, back delay, and enable or disable the loop function.

  • Type speed: The typing speed is how fast the text is moving.
  • Back speed: The back speed is how fast the text is deleted.
  • Start delay: The start delay is the desired interval time for the text to start moving.
  • Back delay: The back delay is the desired time the text stays on the screen before moving to the next start- before the back effect starts
  • Loop: The loop related to the repeating action of the Typing effect. You are able to disable or enable it.

There's also a sweet trick you want to take advantage of. If you add the (|) operator, the widget will only erase the different words between the previous and the following sentence. For example, if you type in the sideform the relevant box:

"With our IT certifications, you can work at Google | With our IT certifications, you can work at Microsoft | With our IT certifications, you can work at Amazon AWS | With our IT certifications, you can work ...anywhere you want!"

The result will be: 

-For more information about the Heading and Main Text Widget, you can check out our relevant article.

-After adding a widget, you may want to make alterations to the widgets' general settings, actions, and layout settings in the editing Sideform.

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