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How to Create a Group Session Learning Activity

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In LearnWorlds, you can allow your users to schedule a 1:1 session with you as an admin or any course creators and instructors using the built-in Calendlyintegration. In a similar fashion, you can also create and offer Group sessions, which will allow you to scale your offering with group sessions since the same time slot can be scheduled many times by multiple users. 

How to Create a Group Session Learning Activity

1. Create your course and the Course Sections.

2. Choose the course you wish, click on the Course outline tab.

3. Click on Add an Activity.

4. Choose the Live session tab and select whether you want to create a Group session learning activity.

5. Click on Save or Save & Edit, to immediately start editing the activity.

Navigate to Calendly to see all of the features per plan. To create a Group Event in Calendly, a specific Calendly plan is required.

How to Set up a Group Session Learning Activity

After the Group session activity has been created, hover over it, and click on Settings to configure all the properties.

1. Title: Give a title to your learning activity. 

2. Description: Give a description of your learning activity.

3. Icon: Choose an icon that will appear in your course player for your learning activity.

4. Account: Choose the Calendly account that has been connected with your LearnWorlds school in the Integrations Live SessionsCalendly.

5. Event Type: Select the event type (which you have already set up in your Calendly account) to make it available for your users for them to schedule their Group sessions.

  • You can create a New event (Group Event Type) in your Calendly account.
  • When setting it up, you will need to add the maximum number of invitees that can schedule a group meeting, and you can also choose if you wish to show this to your users while scheduling a coaching session (Display remaining spots on the booking page).
  • Only Group Calendly events will be populated as available to select from while setting up the event type of the learning activity in LearnWorlds.

6. Digital Downloads.

7. Unit Background Image.

8. Password protect this activity.

How Can Users Schedule a Group session using Calendly

When users visit the Group session learning activity in the Course player, they can select a slot at their preferred date and time, according to your availability as set in your Calendly account.

When the event is scheduled, the user receives a confirmation screen in their Course player, with the information of the scheduled slot as per the Calendly event type, including the specific date and time, and event location:

When the time of the Group session comes, a Join meeting CTA button will appear, prompting the user to join the Group session.

The CTA (Call to Action) button text can be altered by navigating to the Site language, and the button's color is fetched from the Brand color added to the Color palette of your school's Theme Explorer.

The CTA button appears at the time of the scheduled event when specific location types are configured in your Calendly account, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Go to Meeting.

When the user joins the Group session via this CTA button in the course player, then the Group session is automatically marked as complete in their user progress.

How can Admins/Instructors Manage the Group Sessions

If you wish to keep track of the attendees of your Group sessions, export the session report, manually mark the session as attended for your learners, and keep notes on the session topic for each user, navigate to the Group session activity you wish, and click on User Progress. Here's how to Track the User Progress for Zoom/Webex Live Sessions

1. Go to the Course outline tab.

2. Hover over the Group learning activity and click on User Progress.

User Progress page

On the User Progress page, you can see the Name, Tag, Date and Time of the meeting, the duration of the meeting, and the Status of your created events.

Υou can view all users that have visited the Group session learning activity and have scheduled or not scheduled, completed, or canceled the scheduled Group session. You can also search for a user and export the user report.

Show Details

Hover under the Actions tab of a specific user and click on Show Details; alternatively, you can navigate to the Live Sessions page and click on the same action on the specific scheduled event of your interest.

In the side form that appears, you can:

1. Mark a session as completed.

2. Add private notes for each session for the specific user.

3. Join (start) the session (applicable for when the online location types are configured in your Calendly account, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Go to Meeting).  

Manually Mark a Group Session as Attended

There are multiple ways to manually mark a session as attended for specific users:

1. Select the user(s) you wish and click on Attend.

2. Hover over the Actions field of a specific user and click on Show Details. Once the coaching side form appears, click on Mark as complete.

3. Navigate to the Live Sessions page and click on a specific event.

Live Sessions page

All the upcoming and previous scheduled events are accessible under the Live Sessions administration page. The school owner can review and see the attendees, mark the event as attended, and even keep notes for the specific user in a simple and clear calendar view.

Scheduled Calendly events appear in purple, Zoom meetings and webinars appear in blue color, and Webex events appear in green.

Upcoming and Previous events with all of the available information and quick action options, such as the Edit option and the Show Details side form, as listed in the calendar view, so this calendar functions as the dashboard for all your scheduled live and Group sessions. 

Reschedule and Cancellation

In the event of a reschedule, the new date and time will be updated on the platform in both the Course player and the admin dashboard. 

In the event of a cancellation, the event will be deleted from the Live Sessions page, and the admin will be able to see the cancellation label. Once the coaching session is rescheduled, the new date and time will be updated. 

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