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How to Create a Webex Learning Activity

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In LearnWorlds, you have various options for hosting live sessions and webinars; you can integrate your Webex account into your LearnWorlds school. Once Webex is seamlessly integrated, you can begin incorporating Webex Learning Activities into your courses, making live sessions an integral part of your course activities. Enrolled users can easily join Webex sessions directly through the LearnWorlds platform.

This article will guide you through the process of creating and setting up Webex activities, and provide tips on managing your live Webex sessions.

Create Webex Learning Activities

Once you integrate Webex with your LearnWorlds school, you can add a Webex activity to your course, by navigating to your course contents and clicking on Add activity.  

1. Choose the Live session category and select Webex meeting activity.

2. Click on Save or Save & Edit to edit the activity immediately.

Set up a Webex Meeting

A course author can set up most of the common settings provided by Webex, including:

  • Webex Account: If you have additional Webex accounts connected (available in our Learning Center plan or higher), you will be able to choose the Webex account associated with the learning activity.
  • Webex topic
  • Webex description
  • When (Date/Time)
  • Duration 
  • Reminder emails: You can inform the enrolled users of the upcoming sessions using email reminders.
  • Replay Video: You can add a URL that redirects users to an external tool where a recording is saved.
  • Password - If you do not add a password, Webex will autogenerate one for you.
  • Enable chat feature
  • Enable meeting record

Start and Manage Live Sessions

All the upcoming and previous live sessions are accessible under the Live Sessions administration page, where you can review & edit all the scheduled live sessions in a simple and clear calendar view. On the Live sessions page, it is feasible to start your live sessions. 

You can similarly start a Webex session through the Courses menu. Visit the Course that includes the Webex activity, hover over the Webex learning activity itself, and click on Settings. In the panel that will pop up, click on Start Meeting.

User Experience

Users can access your meetings only if they are enrolled in the courses that include the respective Live Session learning activities. They have to access the course (enrolling in the free course or buying a paid course), initialize the course player, and click on their Live Session learning activity. 

Once the instructor/school admin starts the meeting, the students can join the meeting and be redirected to the Webex app. 

It is advised to download the Webex app if a user attends a Webex meeting via a mobile device. The users should have a Webex account, sign in to Webex meetings, or sign up for the first time.

Allow Users to Add the Live Session to their Calendar 

LearnWorlds also supports the Add to Calendar option so users can add the live sessions to their Calendar.

You need to add an Events Calendar Widget/Section to your school's pages and enable the Add to Calendar option, as shown below.

Then users can visit the Events Calendar Widget/Section, click on the Add to Calendar option, and choose if they want a placeholder event to be created to their Google, Apple,, Microsoft 365, Yahoo, or iCal File for the Webex Live Session. 

Otherwise, users can also add the live session to their Calendar from the Course Player by visiting the Webex learning activity and clicking on Add to Calendar, which appears in the Course Player by default. 

In the chosen calendar, the Zoom event title (name of learning activity), the date & time, and the direct Webex link (not the learning activity) will be displayed so users can access it directly in the Webex environment.

Delete Webex Meetings

You can delete a Webex meeting in two ways:

  • Delete the Webex learning activity of a course
  • Delete a Webex from the Live Sessions page

When you delete a Webex session from the Live Sessions page, the course learning activity that includes the Webex meeting will not be removed and can be used to initiate a new meeting.

If you delete a Webex activity either from the Live sessions page or by deleting the course activity, the meeting will not be deleted from your Webex account (you can always delete it from within your account). 

Track User Progress/Attendance

You can easily track the user progress/attendance for your Webex Learning activities and even manually mark the live session as completed. You will find more information in this article.

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