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General Overview: SSO Solutions in LearnWorlds

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SSO (Single Sign-On) is a service that allows users to log in to different platforms using a single set of credentials.

With SSO, your students don't need a separate user account to access your website and your LearnWorlds school. They can use their existing login system of your built-in site under one set of identity-verifying user credentials and securely access your LearnWorlds school too.

In LearnWorlds, you can enable multiple custom SSO solutions simultaneously. Regarding the available SSO solutions, we support the following options.

Custom SSO Solution

If our built-in SAML or WordPress SSO plugin solutions do not fit your system, you may use your Custom SSO solution on your Learnworlds school. 

The concept is to authenticate school users via an authentication provider that would implement the Single Sign-On mechanism. So the user would be redirected to an external authentication page (that you need to implement), and when successfully authenticated, the user would be returned to the LearnWorlds school as a logged-in user.

WordPress SSO Plugin

With SSO (Single-Sign-On), your students don't need a separate user account to access your LearnWorlds online school since you can use the existing login system of your built-in WordPress site.

WordPress plugin connects a WordPress site with your LearnWorlds School for seamless browsing between them and allows the LearnWorlds school to use the WordPress authentication system, meaning that all WordPress users would have access to the School. 

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0

SAML is one of the most widely used open standards for authentication and authorization between multiple parties. The protocol gives users the single sign-on (SSO) experience for applications.

Once you set up SAML SSO with your existing IDP, your users can Single Sign-On to your LearnWorlds school via your Identity Provider (IDP).

OneLogin with Learnworlds SAML SSO

If OneLogin is your Identity Provider (IDP), you can use OneLogin SSO via Learnworlds.

Okta with Learnworlds SAML SSO

You can use Okta as your Authentication Provider for your Learnworlds school.

Azure AD with Learnworlds SAML SSO

If you have all your users in Azure Active Directory, you may use Azure AD as an authentication provider for your Learnworlds school. All your users will be able to log in by using your Azure AD authentication.

Auth0 with Learnworlds SAML SSO

Auth0 is a very popular authentication provider; with SAML SSO, you can connect your existing identity management system with Learnworlds and allow your users to access Learnworlds via their Auth0 account. 

  • When you set up the SSO (and disable the LearnWorlds login), all users (existing users as well) will be redirected to the SSO site to log in, so the LearnWorlds passwords will no longer be valid. So if a user existed on the LearnWorlds site before the switch, then they will need to use the SSO to log in, and all their data will still be available in LearnWorlds. All User Roles (admin, instructor, etc.) will not be lost as well. 
  • You can bulk import (and enroll) users from within LearnWorlds. You will need to use the same email for your users as the one you have in your SSO
  • If you want to revert back SSO to the LearnWorlds sign-up, you can click and activate the LearnWorlds sign-up. However, the existing users who never logged in with LearnWorlds authentication will need to create a new password.
  • If you want to use more than 3 custom SSO or SAML solutions in total, please contact us at
  • If, for some reason, you want to "remove" a user's SSO connection and make them only a LearnWorlds user, you can change their password manually from the admin dashboard.

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