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General Overview: Custom Code

Our Site Builder provides all the tools necessary to create your school's website. In some cases, the addition of custom code and the customization of the existing (generated) one could be necessary. In these situations, you can use our custom code editor.

With our custom code editor, you can easily add custom code in different slots (slots are places where you can inject your custom code) of your HTML page and edit the already existing code generated. More specifically, you can add custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

You can find our Custom Code editor, by navigating to Site Builder →  Custom Code:

On top of this, we also support the liquid template language for our HTML slots. 

Α web page consists of HTML, CSS, and javascript. The HTML code defines the content (what you read), CSS defines the style (fonts, colors, layout, etc) and javascript adds the functionality (for example what happens when you click on a button) of the webpage. HTML code could include CSS and javascript code in style and script tags respectively. Lastly, HTML code is divided into two main tags, head and body. The head tag is typically used to import CSS or javascript files and define attributes of your page that are not displayed, like metadata. The body tag is where you place the parts of your website that you want to be displayed. 

The liquid template language is a language that allows defining placeholders that should later be replaced to implement designs. Additionally, it has some more advanced features such as loops and conditions. This enables us to enhance our code editor even more by providing you with variables and ready-to-use code snippets (liquid) that can be added with the click of a button and help bootstrap the development of your website. Οur custom code editor has various slots that can host your custom code. 

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