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How to Download/Export your School data

As the administrator, all of the school's content is under your ownership. Since the content is in various file formats, downloading your data involves a few steps. Please refer to the guide below for detailed instructions.

It is not feasible to export your Courses as a whole.

1. You can export all user data (in CSV/XLS format) by navigating to Users All Users.

2. You are able to export all sales records (in CSV/XLS format) by navigating to Reports Center  Sales. In addition, you can export Products, Instructor's revenues, and Cancelled orders.

3. You can also export the log/activity files for the last thousand entries (in CSV/XLS format) by navigating to Reports  Activity Logs  Events.

4a. By using our API, you can export all data pertinent to a user's progress within your school (available in our Learning Center plan and higher plans). In case you would like more clarifications, you can also refer to this article:  LearnWorlds API documentation

4b. You can also export the users' progress from our Reports Center (available in our Pro trainer plan and higher plans).

5. PDFs and EBooks would have to be stored locally in order to be uploaded to the platform in the first place. However, if you opted to create an Ebook from scratch using the platform, you can always copy & paste text and images into a local document.

6. Assessments and Certificates questions and users' responses can be exported. For more information, you can visit our relevant article. 

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