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How to Migrate your Users to LearnWorlds

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You've completed the preliminary stages of migrating from another learning platform to LearnWorlds, as detailed in our corresponding article. This article provides guidance on assigning roles to your team members and seamlessly enrolling users in your school.

We are offering an in-house migration service, helping you smoothly transfer your school to LearnWorlds. Should you require assistance from the dedicated LearnWorlds team, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Feel free to browse the LearnWorlds Experts directory for additional support.

Assign Team Roles

According to your business and organization structure, you can assign predefined or custom user roles to your team in the Learning Center plan or higher, securing in this way the data that each team member or partner has access to while logging in to your school. You can create Administrative, Instructional, Management, and Reporting roles. For more information on how to assign those roles to your team, you can check this article.

Import Users

1. The first step to migrating your users is to bulk import them to your LearnWorlds school ( available for our Pro Trainer plan or higher).

2. You can edit the email template so that your imported users receive a warm welcome and not a generic message. You also have the option not to send an email notification during the import process.

Enroll Users in courses

1.a. To enroll your users for free (without requiring payment) in your courses or bundles, you can follow the steps mentioned here.

1.b. To enroll your users for free (without requiring payment) in your Subscriptions, you can follow the steps mentioned here. This requires having Stripe as your payment gateway. 

2. If you have a large number of user enrollments, you can bulk enroll them (without requiring payment). This feature is available on the Learning Center plan or higher.

3. If you would like your users to pay for your products instead of enrolling them for free, you can follow the steps mentioned here

You can also Import & Enroll users simultaneously by following the steps mentioned here

Bulk Subscription Enrollment 

If your existing website/school uses subscriptions and you have active subscribers, then we might be able to assist with the migration of the subscribers. We can assign your existing subscribers to new subscription plans in Stripe (which will correspond to a set of courses). The users would be assigned to the subscription but not charged yet. Instead, they are given a trial period until the next renewal date. When the trial period has ended, the system will request the users to enter their credit card details to continue with the subscription.

Subscription migration is a paid service. You will need to contact us at for additional information.

Manually Mark the Users' Progress as Complete

When you migrate users from another platform, and you need to reflect on the actual progress of those users, you are not alone. LearnWorlds is here for you providing the Mark as Complete function. With the Mark as Complete tool, the Admins can manually mark a course or a learning activity as complete. This feature can be used for:

  • One by one, user selection in the All users section.
  • Using Enroll users and Import & enroll users bulk actions.
  • Multi-selecting users from the Users list (All users → select as many users as you wish to) and click on Update progress.
  • Via the API.

For more information about the Mark as Complete feature, you can click here.

You can find helpful articles on how to support your users here

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