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How to Integrate Weglot for a Multilanguage School Experience

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Weglot is a tool that automatically translates your school pages to your student's chosen language. When a visitor views your LearnWorlds school, they will have the option to choose the language of their choice to navigate your school. 

Integrating Weglot with your LearnWorlds school can open up a world of opportunities, making your educational content accessible to a global audience. Whether you are an educational institution, a corporate training program, or an individual educator, the ability to reach learners in their native language is a game-changer. 

In this article, we will explore the seamless integration of Weglot with your LearnWorlds school, demonstrating how this tool can help you create a truly inclusive and multilingual e-learning experience for your students.

- You can customize the box's position and style from your profile in Weglot. 
- If you have GDPR enabled, and want to edit the Weglot widget from within the visual editor, you will come across a common security practice, which is not to allow to load cookies from an iframe from a different domain within Weglot's own domain. To temporarily overcome this so that you can edit the widget, you need to disable GDPR, refresh the visual editor, edit the widget, and then enable GDPR.

Set up Weglot

1. Visit Weglot in order to sign up and get started with your account, or sign in if you already have one. In case you create a new account, you will be required to validate your email address via email.

2. Create your project by adding a name and some additional information.

3.  Set this up by: 

  • Adding the URL of your school e.g. {yourschool}.com or {yourschool}
  • Choosing the original languagyou use.

  • Choosing the language(s) you want to give as options for the translation.

4. Copy the API key.

- Weglot is an external paying service, and in order to use it, you need a subscription. You can check Weglot's pricing here.
- We only support Weglot Javascript integration. If you have enabled the subdomains option, you may need to disable it to avoid redirects. This is located under Projects  choose your project → Subdomains/Subdirectories.

Integrate Weglot with your LearnWorlds School

Navigate to your school under Settings  Integrations Multiple languages, click on Activate, and paste the API key.

Weglot is not available for the search in the Inbox, the search bar in the Blog, and the Workpad, so we hide it automatically when a student translates the page, to avoid confusion. Search in the Course Catalog does work in the select language.

Cache translations

With this option, you get to choose whether the translations will be cached (stored) in the student’s browser. This has two benefits:

  • Increases page speed load for the student.
  • Doesn’t “cost” a translation request” to the admin, every time someone views the page (as they are served the same translations).

If you activate this option, users will not see any changes you have made in Weglot immediately (unless they clear their cookies). 

A good way to do this is to not activate the “Cache” checkbox until you have set up your Weglot translations as you wish. Of course, you can activate it since day 0 and point students out to clear their cookies.

Weglot Flexibility

One of the most important aspects of using Weglot for translating your school is flexibility. You are not committed to the automatic translation (although it does save you time!): you can translate text fields one by one to better suit your needs and style. Go to your project in Weglot, choose your language, and edit or delete pairs according to your needs.

Exclude fields and pages via Weglot

To prevent specific text blocks or entire pages from being translated in Weglot, you can exclude them following the instructions provided in this article.

Precautions and Must-Haves

  1. Select your Site language first, and then start setting up Weglot. Do not change the Site language later. 
  2. Do not translate any variables that have been fetched in Weglot from LearnWorlds (variables look like this: {{course_name}}).
  3. If you have GDPR enabled, the users will be able to use the functionality once they accept the functional cookies.
  4. We suggest that you select fonts in your Theme Explorer that are compatible with all the languages you will be offering via Weglot. You can investigate font and language compatibility here.
  5. When providing a translation option for a right-to-left (RTL) language, students will experience proper alignment and orientation when choosing the language, such as Arabic. Don't hesitate to contact us if you require additional assistance.

  6. Weglot can translate the titles of any PDF learning activities. However, it is not feasible to change the content. 

This article contains affiliate links to Weglot, through which we may receive an affiliate commission for any purchase you make on their website.

You can always create multiple schools, to address more specific requirements.

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