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How to Assign User Roles

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After you have created your custom user roles (available in our Learning Center plans or higher), you can assign those roles to your users. You can also assign the predefined roles to your users, either in their original permissions or by further modifying them. 

You are able to assign a role directly in the process of creating a new user or while updating an existing user.

Assign a Role while Creating a New User

1. Assign a Role while creating a new user in your school by navigating to Users → All Users → Add user. Add the Username and Email and choose the User Role. For more information on how to create a new user, click here.

a. When assigning an Instructional Role, you need to select the assigned courses as well. 

b. When assigning a Reporting Role, you need to select the assigned reporting segments and the courses for which the user will be able to edit the Gradebook, Assignments, and Certifications as well. 

c. When assigning a Seat and/or User Group management role, you need to select the assigned Seat offerings or User Groups.

2. Alternatively, you can assign an Administrative, Instructional, Reporting Role, or Seat management role while creating a user by navigating to Users → Collaborators, clicking on the role level you want, and adding the user roles from there. 

Assign a Role while Updating an Existing User 

1. Navigate to Users → All users, hover over the three dots next to the user you wish to assign a role and click on Edit User.

2. Choose the User Role.

For more information, you can check this article.

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