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How to Edit the Site Language & Translate Interface Texts

In this article, you can see how to set your school's Language, change all the school labels by inserting the text of your own language (in case you can not track it in the language drop-down menu), or maybe change a specific interface text in your school.

Set up your School's Language

1. Select Settings Site Language, and click on Load Language. From the panel that opens on the right of your screen, choose one of our official languages from the drop-down menu among English, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Russian, Danish, Turkish, Estonian, Finnish, and Norwegian.

2. Click OK and Save.

If your language is not available on the drop-down menu, you can translate the text fields by navigating to the specific interface texts.

Translate specific interface texts

You can navigate to the appropriate content and translate it as you see fit for any system interface text. For example, if you want to translate the Profile page, select the filter and make the relevant text changes. You can also create a test user account to check your modifications.


  • If you want a specific text not to be visible in your school, leave the specific section blank by deleting the text adding whitespace (hit space), and saving your changes. 
  • If you are interested in translating the learner notification emails, such as when they are awarded a certificate, you can email us at 
  • The Billing Fields, are not available on the Site Langauge page and they can be translated by navigating to Settings → Financial → Billing Details → Edit Custom Field → Billing Details Field.

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