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How to Manage your Courses (Course Manager)

When your school grows in material and content, a list of your created courses can be found organized in the Course Manager. You can find an overview of creating courses in LearnWorlds in this article.

In the Course Manager, you can create, import, clone, re-order, delete, search for courses, have an overall overview of the type of courses (Private, Paid, etc.), and view and manage your course categories. To access the course manager, navigate to Courses → Course manager.

After you Create a Course, you can search for it using the search bar or/and the dropdown filters available. You can filter your search by course Type (New, Free, Paid, Private, Enrollment Closed, Coming soon, Draft, Popular, and Synced courses), Category, or Author

Course Cards

  • Hover over the three dots on the course card to copy the course's URL or ID, clone, or delete the course
  • To reorder how courses will appear in your course card sections, hover over the course card, click on the “cross” icon, and rearrange them accordingly

Categories manager

You have access to the categories manager, which allows you to organize your courses by categories and easily oversee, create, and manage them. This feature makes it effortless for you to observe and manage the course categories.

- If you have imported and synced a course for one of your schools, you can hover over the course card and see the sync information overview or unsync the course.
- You can choose to view the courses as a list and sort them by column. However, reordering is not available in this view.

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