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How to Edit your Payment Plans Notification Emails

Your LearnWorlds school allows you to send notification emails when several actions occur related to your Payment plans. You can find out more, about Payment plans, in our respective article.

Go to Settings Notifications emails Payment Plans emails.

The admin can enable/disable and adjust the content of the below notification emails:

  • Installment Paid: Send a message when an Installment is paid along with the relevant attached invoice.
  • Installment Payment Failed: Send a message when an installment payment has failed.
  • Payment Plan Completed: Send a message when a payment plan is completed along with the relevant attached invoice.
  • Payment Plan Canceled: Send a message when a payment plan has been canceled.


  • You can write each email's content and use variables to make it personal and engaging. If you wish to edit the links/variables of your Email Notifications, follow the steps in this article.
  • You have the option to customize emails for individual courses or bundles or apply general rules within the course setting page or bundles properties page. Within those pages, you have the flexibility to enable or disable payment plan-related emails, including When an installment payment is failed, When a payment plan is completed, and When a payment plan is canceled.
    To access the course setting, go to the admin dashboard, navigate to Courses → select the desired course , and click the Settings tab. To access the bundle's properties page, navigate to Marketing → Bundles → select the desired bundle → and click Edit properties.

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