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How to Create an Admin Account

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In LearnWorlds, you can choose to assign different User Roles (Administrative, Instructional, Reporting, Seat management), so you control their access to your school (available in our Learning Center plans or higher). 

When it comes to Administrative roles, having several Admin accounts can be very handy to distribute the workload among the staff.

The Αdmin account has full control over the whole platform, so this role should only be given to people you trust. 

There are multiple ways to create an Admin account or an administrative role and add specific permissions in our Learning Center plans or higher:

Add a new User

1. Navigate to Users  All Users

2. When you Add a new User you can assign the Admin role or any Administrative role.

Add an Admin

1. Navigate to Users Admins.

2. On the top ribbon, click on +Add Admin.

3. In the popup that appears, fill the user's details (name, email, tag, etc.), and select the Admin role (available in our Pro trainer plans or higher) or any Administrative role (available in our Learning Center plans or higher).

4. Click on Add Admin.

Update existing User

You can update a user's role and make an existing user an admin.

1. Go to Users  All Users.

2. Find the User you wish.

3. Hover over the user's avatar and click on Edit User.

4. Change their role from user to admin.

5. Click on Update User.

You can find out more on how to update a user in our respective article

LearnWorlds Admin account VS Admin account

The LearnWorlds admin has full authoring access to the LearnWorlds school. You can distinguish the LearnWorlds admin account from the other admin accounts from the LearnWorlds logo that appears next to the LearnWorlds admin account.

The LearnWorlds admin can impersonate other administrative roles. Moreover, their account cannot be edited by admins with the "Manage users" permission (available in the Pro trainer plans or higher).

- The LearnWorlds admin is the only one that is able to alter the LearnWorlds admin account email
The 1st Learnworlds admin (i.e. the Organisation owner) is the only account that can manage and authenticate the Zapier Integration.

Organization Owner - Super Admin - LearnWorlds admin

LearnWorlds introduced the option of creating and managing Multiple LearnWorlds schools. With Multiple Schools, we offer an additional layer of access for admins in an organization:

  • Organization Owner
  • Super Admin

You can find out more about the differences between Organization owners, Super admins, and LearnWorlds admins in this article.

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