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How to Add Marketing Forms to your School's Pages

With our Forms Section and Forms widget, you can show your forms on your school pages in a super-attractive way and lure your visitors to fill them out. This section/widget can only be used for Marketing forms. In this article, you can check how to add those forms in your pages and how to use them.

To add a Forms Section or a Forms/Get Email widget :

1. Go to Website → Design →  Edit Website.

2. Choose the page you want to edit from the Pages Manager .

3. Click on the +Add section to add a pre-built Forms section (that already includes the form/get email widget), or click on the + icon/add widget if you want to add a Forms widget individually as an element in your existing sections.

Note: By choosing the Forms/Get email widget option, ensure that you have selected the correct template, in order to add your Marketing form to your pages. 

After adding the Forms section/Forms widget make sure to select your Marketing form, by clicking on Select Form on the right sideform.

If you wish to make changes to the form's appearance, click on the form to adjust the below fields on the right sideform. 

On the sideform, you cannot only change the appearance of the form, but you can also pick some extra settings such as:

1. On Submit setting, you can choose if your users will see the default ending screen or be redirected to a page, after submitting the form. 

2. On revisit setting, you can choose whether the form will restart when the user revisits it. This will allow multiple responses. All responses will be saved. 

3. The Save data in "Leads from Pages" table setting, you can also choose whether to save data like name and email in your Leads from pages page.

-You can add the Forms/Get email widget in a Popup as well if you wish to have a form as a part of the popup.

-Using the custom settings does not change the actual form’s settings but only applies locally - for the form on the specific page. 

-If you want to delete a question or an answer choice, without losing results, you can export those results before they are lost, or duplicate your typeform and make changes to the new version.

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