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How to Integrate TikTok Pixel with your LearnWorlds school

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The TikTok Pixel is a powerful measurement tool that tracks your TikTok ads' impact on your school. TikTok's pixel is a javascript code that allows you to track and understand the actions users take on your website. When a user gets to your site, the pixel fires, tracking their behavior and conversions. With the TikTok pixel, you can:

  • Measure campaign performance: Measure your ad performance and conversions based on a series of events you define.
  • Optimize ad delivery: Setting an event as your optimization goal allows the system to target users who are most likely to do that action on your site, like adding to a cart, registering, completing payment, etc.
  • Build audiences based on behavior: Track users on your site and then create Custom Audiences or Lookalike Audiences based on how they engaged and where they dropped off in your funnel. These audiences can then be used for remarketing.

In this article, we will learn how to create and add a TikTok Pixel to your LearnWorlds school.

Create a ΤikTok Pixel

To set up the TikTok Pixel and get the most out of it, you need to:

1. Create a pixel: Name your pixel and get the pixel code. We recommend that the pixel name needs to correspond to the website or domain name. The maximum character length is 128 characters, including spaces.

2. Install pixel: Add the pixel code onto your website manually or through Google Tag Manager.

Manually install the pixel code to your website 

a. Choose Manually Install Pixel code and click on Next.

b. Paste the pixel code at the top of the header section on your website. Navigate to your Custom Code and add the code to the Site Custom Code, on <head> logged in (HTML) and <head> logged out (HTML).

Install Google Tag Manager

a. Choose Automatically Set up Web Events via Partner Platforms and click on Next.

b. Click Connect to connect to your Google Tag Manager account.

c. Select your Google Tag Manager account, container, and workspace, and click on Next.

Note: If you want to switch to a different Google account, click "Use another Google account".

To create a TikTok pixel, follow this link:

Users will need to accept the Marketing Cookies, for the TikTok pixel to work properly.

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