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How to Store Questions in the Question Banks

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In the Assessment Builder, you can build non-graded and graded assessment learning activities and store the questions that you intend to incorporate into question banks.

This article provides comprehensive guidance on storing a questionnaire within a question bank environment.

To create the Question bank:

1. Go to Courses → Question banks.

2. Click on New Question Bank.

3. On the sideform that appears, type the name of the new question bank of your new question bank and click on Create or Create & Edit to start editing instantly.

You can start editing the Question Bank by clicking on its name (you can skip this step if you have chosen to Create and Edit immediately).

You will get directed to the Question bank authoring mode, where you can start adding different types of Questions. Click on the + icon, Add/Import question, Add/Import → New question, or click on Click to add content to add different types of questions:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Answers
  • Match & Ordering
  • Short Text
  • Text Assignment
  • File Assignment
  • Record Video/Audio
  • Generate with AI: You can generate questions using our AI assistant.

You can also Import Questions from another existing Question Bank, from other assessments, or from a .xls file.

Once your new questionnaire has been created, hover over the three dots where you can Rename, Duplicate, and Delete the created Question Bank.

 You can export the entire assessment as CVS or XLS file from Question Bank editing mode (Reports → Question Banks → choose a specific question bank or create a new one and click on the Edit option).

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