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How to Create a YouTube Learning Activity

You can use a Youtube video to enrich your LearnWorlds school's content or in case you already have your own Youtube channel what's better than including your YouTube videos in your courses?

In LearnWorlds you can create Youtube learning activities using the YouTube embeddable code. 

Create the learning activity

1. Create a course.

2. Go to the Contents tab of your created course.

3. Click on Add an activity under the selected course section.

4. Choose YouTube at the Multimedia menu.

5. Give a title to your Youtube learning activity and click on Save twice.

Add the embed code

1. Find the YouTube video, click on the Share option, and then on the Embed tab.

2. Then copy the embeddable code.

3. To paste the embeddable code, go back to your school and edit the YouTube learning activity. Hover over it and click on Settings.

4. Paste the Youtube embeddable code and click on Save twice.

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