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How to Create a Social Learning Activity

Having a community inside your school is an important feature, so having the community inside your courses enhances learner engagement to a greater extent. Using the social learning activity, thus adding a course or community public space in your courses, your users can connect with peers, ask questions, share thoughts, and engage in discussions

From introducing themselves to their peers and staff to giving feedback on completed courses, you can take advantage of this course activity and make your users' learning experience more interactive and enjoyable. In this article, we will learn how to create and set up a Social learning activity.

Create a Social Learning Activity

1. Go to Contents Course Outline in your created course. 

2. Click on Add activity under your selected course section

3. Click on Social.

When you navigate to this category, you can see the 9 templates that we crafted to assist you in building your course. Select one that is relevant to you, and let the social learning begin! The available options are:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Think and Share
  • Ask questions and discuss
  • Self-reflection
  • Assessment discussion
  • Certification and exam activities
  • Course Completion feedback
  • Craft, share, and shine
  • Exploring beyond the course

If you don't want to use the available templates, you can also add the social widget into an ebook.

Click on the plus icon in a section, and choose the Social Feed option.

After the social widget is added to the ebook, you need to choose which space you wish to link to the specific social widget. Adding a space to the social feed widget means that you link the widget to an actual space in your Community where the conversation occurs. 

You have two options:

  1. Course Spaces: Those spaces exist only in the context of this learning activity, and they won't be visible on the community page. However, you can access it in the “Course spaces” tab of the Community admin page.
  2. Community Spaces: Add one of the existing public spaces.

You have the option of creating course spaces within the social feed widget in your courses. These spaces will only exist in the context of the specific learning activity and will not be visible in your community.

In instances where a social activity or a social feed widget is added to eBooks, mentioning a specific user (@username) or all users (@all) will ensure that only users enrolled in the courses are available and receive a mention notification.

Managing your Course Spaces

You can locate your course spaces in the “Course spaces” tab of the Community admin page. Under the course spaces tab you can find the created spaces but also the regular course discussions.

Instructors will be able to access the course spaces tab and moderate their content (edit or delete posts) for their assigned courses if needed.  

User Experience

Here is how the social feed activity will appear to users:

Users can post content, engage in discussions by commenting on others' posts, and seamlessly upload various media such as images (including the option to upload multiple images within a single post), files, or polls-all within the same activity interface.

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