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How to Customize your Users Dashboard/After Login Page

With Learnworlds, your users can have the most unique Dashboard/After Login page with our Site builder. In this article, you will find information on how to customize your users After login page.

Navigate to Site Builder Edit School Site and select your After Login page from the dropdown menu or your Pages Manager. You will find yourself in the editing mode of your school's After login page, where you can customize every element as you wish.

Click on +Add section to add one of our available Sections, or click on the + icon /+Add Widget to add one of our available Widgets.

You can also use our special zones for your school's Starting Page:

Student Info: You can find students' information, such as the courses they are attending, the posts they have created, etc.

The variable {{user.username}} will be automatically updated once a user logs in, and it will show the username of the specific user.

Click on the User Stats element to hide the filters you wouldn't like to be visible.

Courses section: You can add a Courses section and choose a custom course list (you can choose My courses to show only the courses that each user is enrolled in).

Community and Blog Posts: You can use these sections to showcase posts from your community and your blog.

DailyNews: You can use the Community section to show news from your school's automated daily newspaper.

You can have different after-login pages for your users based on the user tags. You can choose the tags and the page that the users with the specific tags will be redirected to as their after-login page. 


  • After adding a section to your page, you may want to modify the section's general settings, actions, and layout settings in the Sideform.
  • After adding a widget, you may want to make alterations to the widgets' general settings, actions, and layout settings in the Sideform.

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