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How to Create a Reflection Journal Activity

In LearnWorlds, you can utilize the reflection journal template and reflection widget for users to "reflect" on what they answered in a previous assessment. In this way, users can improve their thought process, and they can build a different approach to solving problems, thusly getting more engaged in your curriculum.

So, when users submit their assessment responses, the system stores their answers for future reference

By navigating to your Course → Add activity → Self-Assessment → Reflection Journal, a Paragraph question is available along with a reflection widget. Previous assessment questions and answers will get displayed, thusly prompting the user to reflect on a previous response before proceeding to answer their current journal.

1. The widget will be hidden automatically if the user hasn't provided an answer to the selected assessment question.  

2. It's not feasible to add a reflection widget within the same assessment. 

You can also add a reflection widget in different assessment templates if you don't want to use the premade Reflection Journal template. To add the Previous Response (Reflection) widget:

1. Navigate to the assessment you want users to reflect on previous answers.

2. Click on the plus + icon under the question's description to insert the Reflection widget.

3. Under Select previous response → Assessment, you need to select an assessment on which you want users to reflect.

4. Select question: You can select any question from that specific assessment. 

5. What to display: You can display:

5.a. Both the assessment question and the user's answer.

5.b. Only the assessment question.

5.c. Only the answer. 

6. Appearance: You can change the layout of the widget.

7. Type: You can adjust the text type (heading, paragraph, etc.).

8. You can select a Size for the text. 

9. Set an Alignment.

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