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How to Create a Zap (Zap example)

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In this article, you will find out how to create a simple zap, with Zapier. The zap we are going to create does the following:

[Trigger] Every time a new product is bought.

[Action] Your accountant receives an email with the invoice details.

1. While logged into your Zapier account, click on MAKE A ZAP button on the top left.

2. First, we need to select the Trigger app for the given automation which is LearnWorlds. So type LearnWorlds in the trigger app search field on the right and select our integration once more.

3. Once you click on the LearnWorlds Trigger App you will see the available triggers:

For the sake of this example, we will choose the first option for User Enrolled in Product and then click on Continue.

4. On the next screen Zapier will need to verify your LearnWorlds account once more, you can select it and click on Continue. You can find out more about the Verification process, in our respective article

5. Zapier will need to use a sample purchase so it can base the current Zap on. 

Sample data are retrieved from your school, therefore you need to have at least one product purchase or enrollment to retrieve the test data. This applies to all triggers for instance for New Certificate you would need first to earn a certificate on your school so data will be available on Zapier.

In the next step, click on Test trigger, choose a test purchase from the list, and click Continue.

6. Once you completed the Trigger step you may now proceed on the Action step and select the Gmail App to email your accounting department.

7. Once you have selected the action app, you should see its available automated actions. Click on Send Email and Continue.

8. You will also need to authorize your Gmail account, so the automation process can be set up correctly. Connect your account, verify the connection when asked and click on Continue to proceed.

9. Now it is time to set up the email your accountant will receive once a learner purchases a product from your school. Go to the Action set up and in the box To you may add your accountant’s email address. Some fields are optional but make sure you fill in the ones required which are the Subject and Body of the email.

Note: Remember to use the available variables that you can find for each field in the relevant drop-down menu.

Below you will see a sample email we created for this example.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

10. Just like with the Trigger App, the Action App also needs to send test data to ensure the Zap is flawless; choose the Test & Continue blue button.

Once your test email has been sent successfully, you can start the automation you have just configured by clicking on Turn on Zap.

Note: Before creating a Zap regarding a course or learning activity, you will need to add a user and complete the course in order for Zapier to get the respective sample data.

Note: You can find out more on how to connect with Zapier, here.

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