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How to Add the LinkedIn Insight Tag for your Ads

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The LinkedIn Insight Tag or pixel is a marketing tag that helps you measure the success of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns. It’s a piece of code that you insert on your school that helps LinkedIn confirm what happens after they send a visitor your way. For example, it will register if someone visits your website through a LinkedIn campaign and ends up making a purchase of a course.

Similar to the Facebook Pixel, a LinkedIn Pixel is a snippet of Javascript code implemented on your school to track page views and conversions.

The best way to use your LinkedIn pixels is utilizing your Thank you Page, which is the page that users will be redirected to after purchasing a course.

Locate your LinkedIn Insight Tag

1. To locate the LinkedIn Insight Tag code snippet you will need to Sign in to your Campaign Manager account. Once there, you can proceed to choose the correct account.

2. Once you choose the desired account, click on Account Assets and then Insight Tag. On the next screen, click on See my Insight Tab.

3. Then, select the I will install the tag myself option and proceed to copy the script.

Add the Insight Tag to your LearnWorlds school

1. While editing your Thank you page (through Site Builder→ Edit School Site), hover your mouse over Page and click on Custom code.

2. Add the LinkedIn Insight Tag in your Thank you Page, or any other page you wish, by using the Custom Code and, more specifically, by pasting the script you copied in step 3 in the <body> logged in (html) section

Don't forget to first click on Update and then hit Save, so as to not discard your changes.

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