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How Can Users Edit their Account Details

This user guide is provided by LearnWorlds to help you support your users. Feel free to edit and brand this guide before you add it to a FAQ page on your school or any email template. 

In this article, you can find out more about how you can navigate to your profile page and edit your account details.

How to Edit the Account's Info

When logged in to your school, click on Profile on the topbar's navigation (this option may vary according to the school's settings). 

You can click on edit to start changing your personal info. A pop-up window will appear in which you will be able to update your name and email address, add your professional experience so that other members of the community can learn more about you, as well as add your social accounts for others to be able to contact you. Once you are ready you can hit Save.

How to Change the General Information

More specifically, on the General option, you can change your Username, Email, and any other information added when you signed up in the school.

How to Add Professional Experience

On the Professional Experience option, if you wish to, you are able to add text and describe your professional experience.

How to Add Social Information

In case you want to share your social media account links with the school's users and admins, you can click on the Social option.

How to Change the Password

In order to change your password from your Profile. Select Change Password, enter your new password and click on Save.

You can also request a password reset link, by following the steps here.

How to Change the Privacy Settings

You can navigate to the Privacy Settings tab to choose the cookies you want to accept and opt-in for email notifications or if you want to receive news, tips, and other promotional material for this school. You are also able to request for your account to be permanently deleted or access to your personal data stored.

How to Change the Profile Picture

On the right side of this window, you can click on the Click to change to upload a picture from your local device.

Once the picture is uploaded don't forget to click on Save.

  • The buttons/links' texts along with your school's navigation may vary according to school settings.
  •  If a user un-checks the box of receiving emails, they will continue to receive inbox messages.

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