A Gradebook is a teacher's online record of their students' grades in exams, assignments, and certifications.

From the Gradebook menu in your online school, you can view and export your students' grades and answers, update them and reset their tries to pass them.  Related support articles for the assessment activities that appear in a Course Gradebook can be found in the following links: Exam, Assignment, File Assignment (the Export Answers option is not available in the File Assignment), Certificate of Knowledge, Certificate of Completion.

But let's take a closer look at the Gradebook's menu.

You may access it directly from a course. A Gradebook always concerns a course, a single course. Each course has its own Gradebook which shows all students' answers in the previously mentioned assessment activities. Simply navigate to the Course Dashboard and click on the respective button.

Alternatively, you may navigate to Report Center - Gradebook

and then select the course for which you wish to see students' answers from the drop-down menu.

Both navigation options lead to the Gradebook page where you can overview your learners' performance at a glimpse!

The empty table cells next to each username indicate that the learner has zero attempts (never took the respective exam/assignment).

It is important to mention that by hovering over each assessment title, you'll find the small pen icon so as to access with-one click the questionnaire's editing menu!

Let's hover over a learner's score to see all the available menu options:

1 Edit Score

Once you click "Edit Score", a new side menu will appear allowing you to reset your learners' previous tries, edit the related scores, or delete the previous records.

Let's edit a score as an example.

Learners received a non-passing grade in this learning activity. With the "Edit score button" we can change it.

by typing-in a different score 

If you believe that the learner should be able to retake the assessment you can

a reset all tries

b Delete one or more assessment tries

Both options are usually exploited in conjunction with the setting "max tries" which is edited on the assessment authoring tool. 

Important! If you delete the tries of a certificate, we highly recommend you to also delete the respective pdf certificate by navigating to  Report Center- Certifications

under the Manage column.

2 See answers

An important educational tool helping you overview learners' mistakes and provide effective feedback depending on their answers.

The "See Answers" option opens a new popup window that shows a user's correct and wrong answers. 

Green for right and red for the wrong answers :)

From this popup you can also export a learner's answers as an excel file so as to either provide detailed feedback to your users or just to inform them about scoring details. 

3 Export Answers

A shortcut to the excel:

 By clicking on the Export Answers option, the *.xls file can be saved directly to your device.

There are two additional Gradebook tools on the top of the page, that can boost your productivity:)

Export Grades

With this option, you can download an excel file (csv or xls) with all the available learners' final scores.

Export Grades with all tries

With this option, you can export in CSV or xls the scores for all the learners' attempts!

Multiple attempts will be displayed with left alignment, separated with dashes in the same line.

Closing this article on Gradebook, we can only wish that your learners excel in assessments!