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How to View, Reset, Edit Grade, Export Assessments - Gradebook

Gradebook is an online record of users' grades in exams, assignments, and certifications. From the Gradebook menu in your online school, you can view and export your users' grades and answers, edit their scores and reset their tries or remove a specific one. 

In this article, we'll explore how Gradebook can be utilized to manage your assessments effectively.

Gradebook Access

There are two ways to access your Gradebook:

1. Go to Courses → Gradebook

2. Choose the course of your choice, and under insights click on Gradebook.

Gradebook Options

In the Gradebook table of the selected course, hover your mouse over each assessment, and you will find the small pencil icon to navigate to the respective assessment learning activity and edit or review it.  You can also group the activities by the course sections.

You can also hover over the user's score to see all the available menu options: 

  • Edit Score 
  • See Answers 
  • Export Answers
  • Grade now (for Text Assignment, File Assignment, or Record Video type of questions that require grading)

Edit Score

Once you click on Edit Score, a new side menu will appear, allowing you to reset your users' previous tries, edit the related scores, or delete the previous records.

For example, the user received a non-passing grade in this learning activity. With the Edit score button, you can change it by typing in and saving a different score (that can be reset to the original at any time).

If you believe that the user should be able to retake the assessment, you can either Reset all tries or delete one or more assessment tries. Both options are usually exploited in conjunction with the setting max tries, which is edited on the assessment authoring tool. 


  • If you delete the tries of a certificate, we recommend you also delete the respective PDF certificate by navigating to Courses→ Certifications under the Manage column.
  • The empty table cells next to each username indicate that the user has performed zero attempts at that learning activity.
  • Quizzes (Legacy Builder) are for self-assessment only; thus, getting a score is unnecessary. Quiz results are not available in the Gradebook.
  • You can see more information on the edited score (who and when the change was made, as well as the original score) by hovering over the score:

See answers

The See Answers option opens a new popup window that shows a user's correct and wrong answers. You can also download the Feedback Report. 

Export Answers

You can also export the users' answers in an Excel file to either provide detailed feedback to your users or inform them about their scoring details. The *.xls file with the users' answers can be saved directly to your desktop by clicking on Export Answers.

Grade Now

Any Text Assignment, File Assignment, or Record Video type of questions that require grading and are pending for the user can also be graded by clicking on Grade Now. You will be redirected to the Review Center, where you can grade or provide feedback on the Assignment.

Export Grades

There are two additional Gradebook tools on the top that can boost your productivity and give you better control of your users' progress:

1. Export Grades: With this option, you can download a spreadsheet file (CSV or XLS) with all the available users' final scores in each course assessment.

2. Export Grades with all tries: With this option, you can export, either in CSV or XLS, the scores for all the users' attempts. Multiple attempts will be displayed with left alignment, separated with dashes in the same line.

Graded SCORM package

In our respective article, you can learn more about managing the results from Graded Scorms package learning activities.

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