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How to White-Label your LearnWorlds School

After having spent so much time and effort building up your school and creating your unique and fabulous courses, it is natural to want your customers to associate your school with you. In LearnWorlds, so we offer you a variety of ways to white-label your school

Depending on your plan you can gradually eliminate the LearnWorlds brand name and replace it with your own.

Custom Domain (Available in all of our plans)

With all our monthly plans, you get to use your very own domain name and bring in your own branding (logos, colors, etc). So even with our basic plan, you can have a school like and you also get to have for free your own SSL certificate (an HTTPS encrypted site looks much more trustworthy to potential customers and also doesn't get penalized by Google in its search results, as non-encrypted sites do).

Custom Certificate Templates (available in Pro Plans or higher)

Higher plans give you more white-labeling options features, like for example in our Pro plan, you can use your own custom PDF certificate templates and you can create unlimited Home/Landing and Sales pages for your school with our Site Builder.

Full White Label option (available in Learning Center Plans or higher)

With our Learning Center plans or higher, you are able to enjoy the full White-Label option.

  • Branded Social Logins: You can have branded Social Logins for Facebook, Linkedin, Google (with your own name and logo, just send us your transparent and 1024x1024 logo). 
  • White-labeled Email notifications: All email notifications in your LearnWorlds school are being sent by a address. With the Learning Center Plan, you can change this, so that all notifications will be sent from the email address. This enhances the overall deliverability of emails and helps the seamless integration of the platform with your site/brand. In order to enable this option, you will have to add two special DNFDS records (called DKIM and SPF) for your domain.
  • LearnWorlds API: In addition, you also get access to the LearnWorlds API which allows you to integrate your school with 3rd party applications and control the platform with code (e.g. if you have an existing login system for your students then you can directly enroll them in a course without them having to sign up and create a second account).

StarterPro TrainerLearning Center+
Custom Domain
Custom Certificate Templates
Elimination of the LearnWorlds logo
Branded Social Logins
White-labeled Email notifications
LearnWorlds API


  • You can see more information about the features available in each plan in this handy comparison table.
  • If you have users that already signed up in your School through Social Logins, they will not be able to sign in to their old accounts after you white-label your Social Logins. These users will need to create a new account. 

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