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Pricing Choices for your Courses

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In this article, we'll dive into the various options for pricing your courses, exploring everything from selecting the right payment gateways to crafting enticing promotions and coupons.

Payment Gateways

You need to connect your LearnWorlds site with a payment gateway to start receiving payments for your courses. Subscription-based sales or payment plans are supported only through the Stripe payment gateway. 

You can find out more about the Payment Gateways supported in the following article: 

Payment Gateways 

Select a Course Price

Determining the optimal price for your products can be a complex task. Setting too high a price may deter potential customers and lead to reduced sales, while choosing a very low price may result in inadequate profitability. Striking the right balance is essential, finding that ideal price point where your course is appealing to your target audience while also generating sufficient revenue from course sales.

For that case, you can consult our Blog and Support article:

How To Set the Right Price for Your Online Course

How to Edit the Pricing of your Courses

Course Pricing Options

In LearnWorlds, there are multiple course pricing options to choose from. You can pick among different types of product types (paid or free), offer a course via subscription or payment plan, bundle, or share a coupon for a discounted price.

You can find more information in the following articles:

Different Types of Courses for your School 

How to Create Subscription Plans

How to Sell your Courses and Bundles with Installments 

Free course

Free courses (available in our Pro Trainer plans or higher) are an excellent way to attract new customers to your school and give them a glimpse of your work.

With paid courses, you can set a fixed price for your course and charge the users upon enrollment.

Subscription plans/Installments

Selling your courses through Subscriptions or Installments (available in our Pro Trainer plans or higher) means that users will perform an automated recurring payment (in the interval of your choice). 

If you decide to include installments in your Products, you can enable the extended enroll/pricing button in your Course Pricing settings to display all the available options. Otherwise, users can choose their preferred pricing option on the Payment Page.

One-Off Payment

The one-off payment is essentially a one-time charge. The user will purchase the product and pay once for it. This payment is exactly the opposite of the subscription payment, which is a recurring payment.

All your paid courses will be eligible to be purchased as one-off purchases unless you set your school to subscriptions only. You can find out more on how to create a subscription-only school here.


Bundles are powerful upsell offers that include several relevant courses at discounted prices. Bundles (available in our Pro Trainer plans or higher) can be used in marketing or upselling (persuading a client to buy more of your online courses or buy a more expensive one). You can find out more on how to create and customize your bundles, in our respective article.

Seat Offerings

A Seat Offering is a product consisting of courses and seats. The Seat offering defines the specific courses that are included in this product as well as the number of seats that are available for use. A Seat is a virtual chair and defines the number of users that are allowed to be simultaneously enrolled in the courses included in the Seat Offering. This means that the number of users enrolled in the courses of the Seat offering could be a lot more than the number of seats available, as the functionality allows multiple turnovers of the seats. You can find more information here.

Promotions / Coupons

A voucher entitles the holder to a discount for a particular product/ course/ bundle/ subscription. Coupons promote a solid offer to a potential customer and encourage impulse buying (not planned buying behavior). They can be a strong marketing tool to promote your courses both online and offline and a good way to upsell, which can be an alternative to bundles or used to promote a bigger bundle.

With coupons, you can both attract new clients or re-activate old ones by buying new online courses. Coupons can also be used to offer a paid course as a free one to a select few influencers, attracting reviews and word of mouth for your online course. Moreover, coupons can be used to give free access to your private courses. You can find more information on selling your private courses, as well as generating their payment page links with coupons applied here.

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