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How to Get and Showcase Users' Feedback - Persons & Quotes Section

Social proof is a hugely important factor for convincing potential customers to buy your courses. Improve the credibility of your courses by adding testimonials from satisfied customers that praise your work.  You can add quotes/testimonials from happy/satisfied users following these steps.

How to get feedback from your users

1. Create a Form in your desired Course, according to this article

2. Click the category "Course" while creating your Form and select one of the available templates (e.g. Course Evaluation).

3. As soon as you Save your Form, you can review the responses under Marketing ➡ Form Builder ➡ Course Forms

Add a Persons & Quotes section

Once you have gathered your feedback add a Persons & Quotes section to any of your pages.

1. Choose the course in which you would like to insert a quote/testimonial and +Add Section. From the pop-up that appears, head over to Persons & Quotes and choose a template of your liking.

2. Fill out the testimonials and change their appearance to better fit your school.

3. Don't forget to save your changes.

4. This is an example of how your testimonial zone will look to your school visitors.

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