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Different Types of Courses for your School

As soon as you prepare your course content, you can set up the Access type from the course's Access settings.

Whenever your course is ready to go public, you can choose to offer it as Paid. From now on, this course will only be accessible to those who will purchase it or have been manually enrolled, so if this course was previously free, already registered users will no longer have access to it.

In Access, select Paid and click on Set the price. A good way to attract users is by offering a discount, with the discounted price shown below. In Enroll Button, you can take a sneak peek at the enrollment button.


Building your course on your schedule is simple. With a Draft course, you can take your time adding content. It is preferable to use this mode when a course is under development because it gives you time to establish it more effectively.

Coming Soon

To get your users excited about your new course, you can give them a hint about it and raise their interest in upcoming content. If you select Coming Soon, the course will be published in your school, however, it will not be available for enrollment. The course card will indicate that the course will be available soon. 

Note: In case you would like to pre-sell courses, you can check this article.

Enrollment Closed

If you wish to have a certain amount of users enrolled in your course, you can close the access to more users. Enrollment Closed prevents from enrolling in that course. However, the course appears in course catalogs, its layout page can be accessed by anyone and already registered users can still access the course's content.


Turn your course to Free and it will be accessible to any school user. Everyone will be able to join the course and get acquainted with your content, making it easier to purchase one of your premium courses. Free courses are available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher.


You can offer your users a Private course, which you can very easily adapt to each learner's needs and abilities. Private Courses will be accessible only to those who have been explicitly enrolled in them. Since private courses are not published, they cannot be found in course catalogs. Private courses are available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher. For more information on how to give access to Private Courses, you can check this article


  • If you change a course type from Free to Paid, Private, Coming Soon or Draft, users that were previously enrolled in the course will be unenrolled. In Paid and Private courses, users will need to purchase the course in order to regain access. Access can also be reinstated if you revert the course's price back to free.
  • If you change a course from Free or Paid to Enrollment Closed, enrolled users will not lose access.
  • If users are enrolled in a Paid or Enrollment Closed course and the access status changes to Free or Private, they will not lose access.

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