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Social Networks are the key to every new business or product. Making your students feel that they are part of a community where they can communicate, be guided, or stay updated on your school’s news can be beneficial. That’s why we have created a built-in social network page where you can empower your strong community and allow them to be bonded and actively involved in the school. 

To find your Community Page click on Settings → Learning Apps → Community and then click on Preview.

Community Page

Αs an Admin or user, you will be able to create posts or comments (note that the comments cannot be deleted after a few minutes pass), which can also be commented starred (yeah) or highlighted as the best (best of). You can change the reactions' name tags by navigating to Settings → Site Language.


In this tab, you can check all the posted posts, images, or polls with their respective reactions and comments. By clicking on Activity, all posts will appear on your timeline wall, while only your friends’ posts will be shown there by clicking on the Friends tab.

Note: If a user adds a post or a comment, they can only delete it for the next few minutes. After that, only the admin can delete it from the authoring mode.


In this tab, posts will be filtered based on the users you follow, only their posts will be visible there. To follow another user, you can click on their name and the Follow button.

When clicking on a user, you can:

  • Follow them and include them on your Friends tab to check their activity.
  • Visit their Profile.
  • Message them in their personal inbox.
  • Report them to the school admin.


  • If you have the Profile feature disabled in your Learning Apps settings, users will not view the "Profile" option.
  • If you have the Inbox feature disabled in the Community Access settings, users will not view the "Message" option.
  • If a user gets reported, the admin will get a notification on their email "User X has reported user Y (email) for bad behavior," and the user will also receive a "Spammy" badge if the gamification is enabled.


Polls can help you, and your users get to know each other better and check what users think about a subject. Feel free to add as many options as you wish by clicking on the + button.


Posts will be filtered based on the tags, which means that you can check all the posts you have been tagged to. 

You can always remove a comment or a post through Settings  Learning Apps → Community.


  • Whenever a new post is shared by your school’s users, the respective email notification will be sent to the email inserted under the "Admin Notifications" tab, keeping you informed even if you are not logged in to the school-specific moment. 
  • A user will receive a notification for a post in their inbox only if it has been mentioned by name on the respective post. It's not feasible for users to receive notifications for every new community post.


In a LearnWorlds school (as long as you have allowed the creation of groups in your school's Community Access settings), there are two kinds of groups: Private and Course discussion groups.

Private groups

Private groups can be created on the community page. Depending on your school’s Community Access settings, an admin and/or a student can create a group and invite any other school user to become a member.

By clicking Invite, a window pops up, in which you can find the user you wish to invite. Then an invitation will arrive in the user’s inbox (and as an email notification too).

Groups are visible only to the creators and to the group members. Also, only the creator will be able to add new users.

When clicking on Members, you can see all the group’s members or remove someone you wish to have excluded. In a group, you can also post a URL, an image, or a poll.

As an admin, in case a community user or a group member shares a post while you are logged out, you will also be notified with an email and on the community page with the number of the new posts, while users will be notified only if they are tagged on the post. 

Course Discussion groups

Course Discussion groups are automatically created for each course or for each course's learning activity (depending on your Community Access settings).

If you decide to have the course discussions published in the Community, allowing anyone to comment or post, then they will be found under each of the Course groups.

When the course discussion is activated, any new posts or comments shared within the course or course learning activity will be displayed in the course player (Tab Discuss) and on the community page (visible to anyone). 


  • A "number" icon depending on the new posts or comments, will appear in the course player the first time you visit it after they have been shared.
  • The supported image files that can be uploaded in the Community are: JPEG, PNG, HEIF
  • Each user can give up to 10 Best of per month, and each admin 150 per month. 
  • If this setting from the Community Access tab is disabled, "Yes, and posts get shared to the school community." and a user is mentioned on a post, they will not be able to navigate to the "Mention" tab, as they will see a blank page.
  • The Community & Inbox are not available in the Mobile Apps.

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