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Course Insights - Dashboard

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With our Course Insights tool, you can:

  • Compare the performance of your courses
  • Delve into users’ content consumption behavior for each course
  • Appraise the effectiveness of each learning activity
  • Identify and segment your audience

These insights will help you make decisions on how to optimize your learning material, based on data. 

To access this tool, navigate to Reports Center → Course Insights or to the course insight tab inside any course of your choice.

Analytics tab

Top 4 Courses Overview

You can see an overview of the top 4 courses of your online school presented with a radar chart with details on:

  • The average study time
  • The average score
  • The number of enrollments
  • The number of social Interactions
  • The number of certificates issued


In the Enrollment zone, you can identify the progress of your courses (all of your courses, free courses, and paid courses) enrollment over time. 

You can also filter the results for a specific or custom time range. By clicking on All Enrollments you will be redirected to the User Segments page. 

Top 5 courses

In the Top 5 courses zone, you can identify the number of users in your top 5 courses. You can also filter the results for a specific or custom time range.

We also offer an overview of the Most Popular courses (for courses where users have started the course), the Most Engaging Courses, the Hardest courses, and the Most dropped-out courses.

Note: The Dropout rate is defined as dropped out/enrolled students. 

A user is considered “dropped out” when all the conditions below apply:

  • Has been enrolled for over 60 days
  • Is inactive for 30 consecutive days
  • Has not finished the course

All courses tab

You can see an overview of all of the courses of your online school, with details on:

  • The learners (users who were enrolled in the particular course at any time)
  • The total enrollments
  • The average study time
  • The number of social interactions 
  • The number of Certificates issued
  • The average score (Courses with no marked assessments will show a 100% average score)
  • The success rate (the percentage of the users that have completed the course)

You can also export the data (in CSV or XLS format) of the general overview of all your created courses. 

By clicking on a course, you will be redirected to a course-specific overview.

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