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Course Insights - Activities Breakdown

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With Course Insights, you are able to dive in and analyze the learning activities of each course. 

This feature provides insight into how the content is being consumed by the users, per section, per learning activity, etc. You can gain input about how each activity performs in regards to popularity and completion, helping towards strategic decisions on how to design, and redesign your course.

Activities Breakdown

1. Navigate to Reports Center → Course Insights or to the course insight tab inside any course of your choice.

2. Select All Courses.

3. Select any course from the list.

4. Select the Activities Metrics tab.

At the top, you can see a high-level overview of the user engagement statistics for each course section.

The metrics available are:

  • Users who completed (all activities of the section)
  • Viewers (that viewed but not necessarily completed all activities)
  • Average study time
  • Total study time
  • Average score

Left of the section name, click on the drop-down arrow for expanding it and displaying the learning activities that comprise the section. The respective metrics are now shown for each activity:

You can also select only the exact activity type you wish to be displayed from the drop-down filter list:

In the specific case of a Video learning activity, you can further view user engagement for that video by clicking on the stats button shown below (only for videos uploaded in the LearnWorlds Video Library).

The same data on all activities can be extracted in either .csv or .xls format from the Export all activities option on the top right of the page.

Video Analytics

There are three available graphs that indicate the level of user participation throughout the course cycle:

  • Time on Learning Activities
  • Learning Activities visits
  • Learning Activities unique views
  • Time on Learning Activities: The average study time of users per unit (total study time / enrolled users count)

Click on a point in the graph to view the complete name and time data for that specific activity.

  • Learning Activities visits: Total learning unit views for each activity.

Click on a point in the graph to view the complete name and time data for that specific activity.

  • Learning Activities unique views: Unique user views for each learning unit.

Click on a point in the graph to view the complete name and unique views data for that specific activity.

For the graphs Learning Activities visits and Learning Activities unique views, you can also amend the period of analysis by filtering by the following available periods, for extracting the respective data.

You can find an in-depth analytics list for your users' engagement with the course, in our relevant article.

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