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User Login Process and Troubleshooting

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This user guide is brought to you to assist you in supporting your users. Feel free to customize and brand this guide before adding it to a FAQ page on your school website or any email template.

Login via Email or SSO solutions

If you have used your email to register for the school, fill out your e-mail and password in the login form and click Login, or use the SSO solutions if provided.

Log in via Social Logins

If you have previously used a social account (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Apple) to register at the school, then you will need to click on the Sign-in button on the top bar and select the relevant social login. 

You can also access the login pop-up form by adding the following after your school's URL: /?msg=not-logged-in

Issues Logging in to your School

1. Make sure that the combination of e-mail and password you tried is correct. For security reasons, our error message doesn’t explicitly reference whether you made a mistake in your email or password. This is deliberately so to make it harder for malicious individuals to guess any account details.

2. If you wish to get a brand new Password, click on the Forgot your password? button.

Type the email that corresponds to your account and click OK. An email will be sent to you with a link for setting a new password for your account. 

3. If you still have issues, you can contact your school's administrator for further assistance in setting up your password.

  • If you cannot allocate the email to your Inbox, check the spam folder, as it may have been accidentally caught by your email's spam filter. In this case, identify this message as "not junk" so that you don’t lose any future correspondence from your online school. For more information on how to whitelist an email, click here
  • If you signed up through social logins, you can:

a) Either reset the password from your social login provider 

b) Or you click on the "Reset Password" option in order to use the login form, with the same email which was used on the social login registration and the new password you have set.

How to Sign-out

If you want to log out from the online school, click on Sign out, which can be found on the topbar menu (this option may vary according to the school's settings).

Notes for the school owner/admin

1. If the user receives a "Not Found" error while trying to reset their password, it means that they have clicked on an expired link. To resolve this, you can allocate the relevant field in your Site language, and translate it to something like "Error. Please make sure to click on the latest notification email and not the previous and expired ones".

2. All email notifications in your LearnWorlds school are sent by the address. Usually, users do not have any issues receiving these notifications. However, if the user's email provider blocks automated notifications, your school's notifications may end up in the spam folder. I am afraid we cannot interfere with this categorization since it depends on the email provider and the user's relevant settings. 

Ways you can resolve this, are:

  • Once a message is received as spam, your user can select to mark it as not spam and exclude it from the respective category. This way, all new notifications will be properly received in the inbox folder.
  • You can change the sender email from to a custom one (, which is a feature available in the Learning Center plans or higher

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