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How to Add and Customize the Tabs Widget/Section

With the Tabs widget, you can organize information on your site effectively, helping your visitors locate what they want to know without having to navigate elsewhere. The tabs widget is an element that contains multiple panels that users can easily select to retrieve the information they need within a single window.

To add a Tabs Widget:

1. Go to WebsiteDesign Edit Website.

2. Choose the page you want to edit from the Pages Manager.

3. Click on the +Add section to add a pre-built Tabs section (that already includes tabs widgets) or click on the + icon /+Add Widget if you want to individually add a Tabs widget as an element in your existing sections.

If you wish to make changes to the Tabs' appearance, click on Edit Tabs to adjust the below fields on the right sideform:

  • Appearance: You can display and switch the tabs' layout and choose among many templates.
  • Tabs order: You can reorder the tabs' position and/or add extra tabs.
  • Tab appearance: You can customize the tabs' text and background colors.
  • Active tab appearance: You can set different text and background colors to display once the tabs are clicked.
  • Tabs layout: You can choose to display icons within the tabs, adjust their alignment or expand the button tabs.
  • Container: You can add a different widget accompanying each Tab. By enabling the "dynamic height" once you have inserted different widgets within each tab, you can enable a universal height for all the tabs based on the largest widget height.
Once the Tabs widget (or the Tabs section) is added, you can start editing the Tabs' content, in the editing Sideform, by clicking on each one of them..

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